Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Worker's Day and a Secret of Adulthood

Normally I'm not a fan of holidays in the middle of a week but these days I'll take them all :)

I was chatting in the lift at work to some random stranger ... as I do... and she said, it's like a mini Sat and Sun rolled up in one.

That was exactly it. Sat stuff - errands, some fun and Sun stuff - a bit of the crazy kid thing and prepping for work.
I spent quite a bit of time there today
Today the kids woke at about 8.15 (!) - things are looking up!!! Winter is being GOOD to us.

We faffed around in our bed for a while until Connor announced that he wants Weetbix NOW.

the children are now hooked on Lego - D is in boy heaven. He says it's a milestone :)

The cupcakes are made and all ready in the plastic containers (I need to label them) but are not Pinterest-worthy so I didn't bother taking pics.

They do taste very nice though. I figured it's only for 4 and 5 year olds - why do they have to look good too? :)

I used two recipes. A Martha Stewart one (made 18) and a pre-packaged mix (made 12) so we had 6 for us. The kids couldn't wait to taste them and were all "thank you Mummy for making us such nice cupcakes" (unprompted!) which makes all the mess worthwhile.

I did most of it while they were eating breakfast so the kids only placed the muffin liners in the pans.

Kendra had a bit of a sore tummy this morning but the minute I said "who's coming to the shops with me?" she was up and about :)

Kendra falling asleep in my bed one night (if they're going crazy I bring one to my bed to fall asleep) Taken with flash - flash is a beautiful thing :)

 Alas, I couldn't find decent-fitting jeans at my nearest Edgars and Woolies jeans don't suit my shape.

But we had a DIVINE lunch - D and I had fettucine with meatballs. It was perfect.

Connor makes these masterpieces and instructs everyone to not TOUCH his stuff while he's at school

Home for a 1.5 hour nap for all 4 of us. I could have slept for double that time...

In other news, I'm almost up to date with April photos - have about 2 hours left if I focus - which means I can do my Project Life this weekend.

Totally and unashamedly obsessed by the sunsets!

We really and truly have the BEST sunsets in South Africa! Much better than at the sea :)

I'll hopefully post all about my goals tomorrow but I have a LONG day at work so who knows if I'll be in the mood for lots of writing or if you'll just get some pretty pics :) And next week isn't looking better - I'm sure Nanny S will be doing some overtime.

I can't tell you enough how much all the comments and emails helped after that work post. I am lagging behind because I'm obviously slower... but you're all right - whether they realise it or not, I do need to have a period of adjustment and will probably only hit my stride after at least one complete project. The thing that keeps me positive is I have really good instincts about this stuff and I'm really good with the people. I build rapport quickly with the clients and they tell me "things" they wouldn't normally say to people doing the work I do.

And for you who have been praying, don't stop - I can feel the covering!

through the study window

Let me share another one of my Secrets of Adulthood:

I asked myself on Monday, "honestly, what's the worse that could happen?" I could totally not cope, resign in shame and be out of a job. So what? I have a very healthy savings account and could live for a year without work (although I'm a bit mingy about dipping into savings...) I'm a T so I really don't care very much what people say about me. If they do talk, I'll know I'd done the very best I could at the time and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

So then I could relax a bit :)

What are some of the things you tell yourself so you can cope?

How was your Worker's Day?

PS there's a whole debacle about the govt wanting to cut down on the number of public holidays. I say NO WAY - leave them as is. I seriously LIVE for them :)


  1. Isn't it just great how Winter affects our kids in such a great way? :)
    My kids also sleep a lot later due to it being Winter, cold and dark :) Pure bliss.
    I love the way you spent your day yesterday.

  2. Oh I love that last picture - what is the patterned glass bit?

    I had to smile - it is exactly what I always ask myself. That and How much stress is this worth if I look back a year from now?

    And totally yeah on the Lego -I agree with D - it is a milestone. And do show them how the small ones can also fit on those bigger ones we gave ( I think I can see them in Connor's reation.)

    1. previous owner's daughter lived in this room so there are patterns all over the windows. I've never even looked into getting them off... :)

  3. Heeeeeey, I need to get small Lego! Hadn't even thought about it, they just use the big blocks but they would love it!

    Your day sounds awesome! And, I also have such an issue getting jeans that fit nicely because my waist to thigh ratio is so different.. hahaha! So I do usually have to spend a bit more on a good fit. But then I keep my jeans for YEARS so I consider it money well spent.

    1. I'm still a little nervous as it says 4 and up and one of mine still puts the occasional thing in the mouth... but they know it gets put in toy jail if I catch any pieces in their mouths :)

  4. I'm so glad you're relaxing about it all, making the decision not to stress can be so freeing.

  5. If I weren't trying to be quiet (it's mid-afternoon here), I would have squealed to see K's pajama pants. We have the exact same print! I know that's itty-bitty goofy...but so sweet to see the similarity across the oceans! :) :)

    So glad you had a nice "down" day to help you plow through the rest of the week!

    1. well, I'm squealing for both of us!!!


  6. Things must be really bad for thoughts of quitting to even cross your mind. I’m so sorry. I really hope that you will find your stride. I believe that you will fly – actually, no. I believe that you will soar. Hang in there. xx

    Oh, and I also ask myself that very same question. Also, I ask myself "what would I do if I wasn't afraid". That ALWAYS makes things clearer.

  7. Btw...I live for the public holidays as well. And they've been having that debate for YEARS. I don't think that they will cut down. In fact, I think we are probably going to get a Mandela Day when he passes.

  8. This week had two Mondays and two Fridays for me...and that is hectic if you remember that I was away from work for more than two weeks. I am really overwhelmed right now with the heap of work I have to work through.

  9. Awe...I wanted to see your cupcakes. :-(
    I don't care where in the week the holidays fall, I love them all...except the Saturday ones since I lose out on them.


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