Monday, June 17, 2013

A good weekend... getting back to basics

I had a good weekend for me - lots of relaxing (I finished my Jeffrey Deaver), lots of out stuff (lunch out on Sat, breakfast out on Sun and lunch out again today) and lots of organising at home.

Plus I got a gazillion gorgeous pics - some of which some of you have seen on Facebook and Instagram.

Back to basics...

I love these things. They're actually headbands, not snoods (read my Woolies cash receipt properly yesterday), but fit perfectly and is just the right pop of colour. Have I mentioned I have 4?!

1. I decided tonight that I need to do the same for me as I do for the kids - choose all my clothes for the whole week and set them out in the front of my wardrobe.

Too much?

I wrote about this on the organising blog either last year or the year before that because I did a little survey in the office and we varied from someone who chooses all 5 her outfits WITH bag and accessories on a Sunday night (not me) to someone who jumps out the shower and then looks for something to wear.

I mostly choose my clothes the night before but the last nearly 3 months I haven't done so except on intense meeting days because then I do like to look the part.

And of course the mornings are slightly more chaotic as a result.

So when I'm done here I want to try for this week and see what happens, it being a 3-day clothes week. Fridays are casual.

2. The other thing is I put on weight this week and I canNOT allow that to continue so I'm going to only allow myself to eat a little treat (which I have every single day) AFTER I've had all my water, yoghurt and fruits.

I cooked 6 meals last night so am sorted for this week.

3. I don't think I told you this "funny" story which is not so funny actually.

When I got this job, I told D I think I should change my word for the year because I've got what I wanted. He told me I'm terrible and no, that's a terrible idea :) And look - apparently there was a reason that word is my word for the year, right? :)

Also, you know how once you've decided something you actually can't wait to get on with it? That's me with the job at this point. Pray with me HARD that they see I'm PERFECT for this other thing (I realise I sound very flakey because I probably said the same thing about this job) but this new one is actually suited to an extrovert who likes to get things done. Those of you who want to know can ask me more.

4. I had about 38 emails in my personal mail. That, friends, is totally unacceptable (as I say to the kids) so tonight I replied and cleared out and it feels great. I'm going to force myself to decide and DO instead of waiting for the email muse. Again I realise that for some of you that feels lightweight.... not so for me.

And last, here are my Project Life pics for April and May. I'm so glad I decided on a scaled down version because it's easy to put together when life is crazy (when is it not?!).


How was your long weekend?

PS Please pray for Mrs FF's family as her FIL died this afternoon.
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  1. Adore Project life in any version. Mine is now almost a routine and I love the detail I can get to every week. Even if things are crazy.

    Now I love that headband idea - not sure it will work for tactile sensitive me but am giving it a try - even if nto working around my neck I will then use them as a headband in any event

  2. I am one of those who decide what I am going to wear when I get out of the shower. (No surprises there). I hope and pray that you get the job that seems so perfect for you.

    My weekend was lovely. Saturday was terribly cold and I hung out in my craft room which gets lovely and warm if the sun is shining. Sunday the kids took us on an outing to Addo and yesterday we just late yesterday I discovered that I didn't dodge the flu virus after all and by last night I was as sick as a dog. Today I will be staying in bed for the first time in many years.

  3. Oh look there is me in April :)

    I have never planned my outfits - I am not sure I could stick to it even if I could.

  4. Oh no (Mrs FF) - I will definitely do that.

    I have a dress from the left system. I take the pants that on the left and the blouse/top on the left and ta-dah! that's what I'm wearing for the day. I cannot even imagine trying to set out a week's worth of outfits over the weekend - that would cause more stress for me than relaxation.

    Your headband looks grogeous by the way - a really nice colour for you that.

  5. Hmm. My comments are getting eaten on my iPad when I use Feedly. I'm testing from Safari.

  6. Ok. That worked! I love the scarf, even if it is a headband!

    I'm trying to setup my clothes the night before too, but I'm also trying to setup basic outfits I can go to on a regular basis to save myself time overall.

    I also spent a bit of time in the kitchen Monday night making not just one dinner, but pieces of other meals as well. I'm not gaining weight, but I'm not loosing it either and I'm exercising like a demon. So I'm cutting out the wine on week nights.

    Love the pictures! You are very talented with a camera!

  7. I need to know ALL about the job. Please? And yes, of course I will pray. I have always done clothing the night before. I do occasionally change my mind in the morning (this is Cape Town and our weather can be unpredictable) but that seldom happens. Not packing your bag and organising clothing for the next day is a punishable offense in my house. I am terrible in the mornings and I MUST do whatever I can to not have to talk a lot in the mornings. I expect it on a Friday evening too, even if you will spend the day at home on a Saturday and of course on a Saturday evening so getting ready for Church goes smoothly. I'm actually busy drafting a post on email. Will publish in a bit. My weekend was lovely btw.

  8. I love your simplified PL. Really looks good. I would never be able to do that, love my photos too much.

    So sorry about your horror job! Good luck in applying for the new one - bonus in working for a big company that you can get moved around fairly easily.

    Had a lovely lovely long weekend with lots of fun, resting, a date night, reading, friends, project lifing and gardening. Loved it.

    PS. the price you were quoted isn't too bad. It would probably be a little less here, but this is the EC after all x


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