Sunday, June 02, 2013

A thank-you note and my June goals

I just want to say a big thank-you for all the comments on this post. Thank you for helping put things in perspective.

I'm obviously watching my back in case there's something there besides emotional immaturity... but I'm not going to let that get me down.


Moving on to June goals!

font is called Always Forever

I'm going to try and limit it to 20 goals again.


  1. Seinfeld-watching night with D and one other
  2. Kid dates - Connor to library and Kendra out to eat
  3. Post to K & C blog 10 times
  4. Finish 12 - 24 months baby pics (on the bright side, I'm up to 15 months already)

  1. Bake two Pinterest recipes - something lemony and something cinnamon-y
  2. Read 5 books, one of which is XO (Jeffrey Deaver). What was your favourite James Patterson/ John Grisham? Those are the other two authors on my 38 things list that I have to do in the next two months. As an aside, I will hit my goal of 60 books in my 38th year this month :)
  3. At least 4 socials
  4. Make a winter list. I see all over the blogs how you US girls do a summer fun list. Well, why not a winter list? At least it will be something to get us through our 3 months of winter.
  5. Put all the Elevate the Ordinary emails into one document so I can start re-working through them all. Taking pics was the only thing that got me outside last winter...
  6. Do 5 random acts of kindness 
  1. Send out invites
  2. Put together present list for kids. MIL and SIL will for sure ask and one friend has already asked. I actually chatted to the kids about it today and it was HILARIOUS! First thing Kendra said was "an ipad" and then "a big glass like the parents use" :) They are precious!
  3. Decide what we're all wearing
  4. Decide on food
  5. Decide on cake
  6. Assemble party packs

  1. Relook Organise your Business
  2. Find new blog designer. I'm looking for someone to give me a new header, navigation and sidebar titles on My style is very clean and uncluttered (current site is not). I refuse to pay $300 for a barely profitable blog so I'm throwing this out there. If you know a good-fit designer who will do it for about $70, please send them my way. Otherwise, I'm going to shift the thing back to blogger so I can afford a redesign.
Health and fitness
  1. Go to Weigh-Less every single week
  2. Work out at least 9 out of 13 possible times
 That's it.

What's on your list for June?

I took these pics a week ago at work just before an 8.30 meeting. Oh man, the light was gorgeous. I can't choose between pics 3 and 4 - they're both my favourites in this batch. Which is yours?


  1. Yay for perspective (and happy mail!)! :) :)

    And I LOVE the doorknob picture! I think it's so unexpected to have the focus on the knob...brilliant!!!

  2. No 2, but adore the doorknob one too.

    I am so happy you are feeling more positive - catching up on posts this morning after a hectic weekend.

    My goal is to finish the house painting and tidy up. Full stop

  3. am in love with #2 and #3


  4. Love no 3.

    My fav.

    Glad you are feeling more positive. Tried to comment on yr other post but my internet connection is whacked again (let's see if this posts).

    Must tell you we did the monogrammed button and it worked a charm - made one for my niece. Took her all of 3 mins, but she loved it and the colours she chose - pink/purple and orange really worked so well together.

    My goals for June? Get my husbands farm admin sorted, plan a brief July holiday, keep up to date with PL, go to Pilates twice a week and spend less time on the pc (which i'm doing already and it's workign a charm).

  5. #3 all the way, although that door know is a stunner. Off to do my goals and some more photo sorting!

  6. Love the doorknob picture!! It's fantastic.

    I start Weight Watchers tomorrow! I'm nervous, but hopeful. My beginning goal is to run and/or work out at least three times a week.

  7. I've just fallen in love with Jeffery Deaver - picked up three books by him at the library yesterday! My biggest goal for June is to make it to the gym four times a week - whew!

    1. Sorry - this is Jess at internet is being weird!


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