Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Composition is not just about essays

Do you remember when we were at school we had to write compositions?


I was never into all the writing stuff (!) and now I write two blogs and have for 7 years apiece, plus I've written a book.

I wonder what Mrs S would say - she always did say I could do more. But I wasn't interested in anything except Maths and Science, and ballet.

Graceful nerd?

Moving on!

This is blessedly the last of the superhero lessons.

I again went into my 2013 - Marcia faves folder to look for some pics where I think there's an interesting compositin :)


You must be wondering how many pics I have in my faves folder? Only 67 - and that's up to date as at end April :)

All of those pics are from Ballito except for the chairs on the corridor and the kiddie legs.

Which is your favourite?

Are you glad this series is over? 

I am although I'm tempted to blog my way through Elevate the Ordinary too. I don't think I got past week 1 last year :o
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  1. I like looking at your photos!

  2. The crab in hand one is awesome! Love it.

  3. Terisha10:40 am

    Love the photo's.Very inspiring to sometimes stop and look at all the beauty around us.

  4. I love the chairs one.

  5. I love the first one and then the one with the bird, and of course the kiddy legs.

  6. I loved English, loved the writing. My English teacher was always my favourite!

  7. I love the one of the chairs. Great photo.

  8. Love the one with your MIL and K, the one of C's legs, and you know I love the one of the corridor outside with THOSE CHAIRS! :) :)

    I need to play around with some composition more than what I have. I tend to crop my photos, probably too tight, in a lot of cases.

    I love your love of photography, Marcia! You inspire me!!!

  9. I love the chairs one most.


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