Monday, June 03, 2013

Dominant handedness with twins

Connor is left-handed and Kendra is right-handed.

It's been very evident with him for three years already.

I remember when they were just starting with finger foods and to feed themselves (I remember those days when I perfected the art of dumping a kid in a bath, washing and out in less than 5 minutes - quicker than trying to clean food everywhere!)

Anyway, he'd always grab for the food or spoon with his left hand. I would set down the bowls with both their spoons on the right and he'd swivel the bowl til the spoon was on his left, and then dig in.

Remarkable actually.

He's always held scissors with his left hand, cups with the left hand, etc.

I bought him these left-handed scissors about 6 months ago and he loves them. Poor thing :) He was always very good at cutting but now he's amazing. It looks like my cutting (okay, that's not saying very much - I am soooo not a perfectionist "done is better than perfect")

So tell me about your twins especially but I also want to know with your singletons, when you noticed their handedness, and how?


  1. Both my kids came out of the womb ambidextrous. I thought it was super cool. Obviously it wasn't - it can cause problems later when they go to school. They both had sessions with the OT to "assist" them to establish dominance. Joshua is right-handed. Joel is a leftie. I really don't know any other left-handed people and I've been googling non-stop. There are some super cool gadgets for lefties. Aren't those leftie scissors fantastic? Joel LOVES his.

  2. I can't remember with the older two but I am watching Jack and he still hasn't settled on one yet. There was stage were he just used his left hand but now is back to right for the most part so I am not really sure.

  3. Now you are going to have me watching my grand babies ;-)

  4. Claire is finally an established leftie. Emma has always been a right but Claire has wavered. Real writing sealed the deal for her. Thankfully my MIL is a leftie so she can guide me.

  5. The light and focus on that last picture is stunning!!!

    Our girls are both right-handed...thank goodness! :) I have a friend whose kids are all lefties, and she's had the hardest time trying to teach them to write.

    Have you crossed that bridge? Or is D left-handed?

    So interesting to consider!

  6. Gotta comment!!! We have one right-handed kid in our gang... I kid you not!!! Se7en lefties. And two leftie parents - though I was forced to write with my right hand at primary school - I know a draconian teacher from the dark ages. So our lone right handed child finds it really hard to find a right-handed pair of scissors in our house!!! It is really funny when folks visit and try to use our scissors!!! Otherwise it is definitely a right-handed world and all my boys gave up cricket early on - no one could teach them how to bowl left-handed...and unless I stayed to watch they always turned my kids around as soon as I wasn't looking. So much for a sports crazy country that would love some lefty bowlers!!! As for teaching them to write well that has been fine - though knitting - not so much since friend decided to help and teach them... over this hand round the other and behind the needles and through the gap and oh just a knotted disaster!!!

    1. Just another example that genetics is the all in handedness.

  7. Both of my girls are left-handed which I think is pretty weird. My husband's mother is so I guess that's where they got it but still seems weird that BOTH of them turned out that way.

  8. We have absolutely no left handed people in our whole family but it appears that my one daughter will be left handed its definitely her dominant hand which is quite weird and something Im going to have to get guidance on as its so foreign to me!

  9. Little OL is right handed - it was pretty clear early on. I googled it and they said at that age it was too young to tell, but she chose her right hand most of the time. Every now and then she will swop over, but it is back to right pretty soon. Both Mr Ol and my families are right handed, although my sister eats as if she is left handed. I did when I was little by my dad made me swop.

    I do find that I might paint with my left hand if it is more convenient (closer to that side of the canvas), but the fine work I do with my right

  10. So sweet that you bought him his left handed scissors.
    I can't really remember when my children showed their dominant hands :/

  11. Oh I lvoe this topic because handedness is so very interesting in our family. As you know it is mostly genetic although with identical twins you do get mirror twins which is totally out of the genetic equation and due to the way the fertiluzed egg splits.

    My dad was left handed, my moms family has a lot of lefties although she is right handed. I am a true ambi. Mr L is very obviously right handed (also right footed and left eyed (mainly because his right eye is so very bad). So he would possibly have been your typical right handed left brained kid. This was aparant from very young. A showed fromn the typical 2 to 3 years that she was right handed. C is very very interesting - he is left eyed, right handed and left footed which is a less strong form of ambi than I am. This did cause a few obsticles for him in grade R and he got some OT for it - apart from that is makes him the ideal candidate to do a creative or mathematic job one day as both brain sides are almost equally strong (which BTW is what is the ultimate for an architect) So we only really got his dominance sorted this year, at 5.

  12. My mom and dad were both right handed and my sister and I are both left handed but do a lot of things right handed like cutting paper cos there were no left handed options when we were growing up. Actually I think I am a bit ambidextrous cos I can switch hands easily when I do stuff and often do so. Cliff is right handed. Kade showed a preference for left as a baby but is becoming more right dominant at this time, altho there are some things that he still does left - like feed himself. So I don't know yet. He might end up a bit ambidextrous.

  13. Both my girls are right-handed. I don't remember exactly when they started showing the dominance, but by the time they got to the more fine-motor skills--eating with a utensil and learning to write properly--they definitely both seemed to quickly prefer the right hand. (Jeremy was kind of hoping for a couple of left-handed softball players...more chances at scholarship money for college--HA!)

  14. My Liam and I are both lefties - the only two that I know of in both our extended families :) Man, I must get him a left handed scissors!

  15. Nicola has been obviously right handed almost right from the start. Since she's been able to hold her own bottle for feeds she has always taken it with her right hand, and since the first time she picked up a pencil she picked it up with her right hand too.


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