Friday, June 21, 2013

{Friendship Friday} Caren's birthday lunch

First off, thank you so much for your lovely comments on this post. I definitely don't want to leave the school but things will have to change. Will keep you posted...

My friend, Caren, celebrated her birthday last Saturday (yesss, I am doing well with staying current, photo-wise).

She invited all her friends to have lunch and had a very good idea - everyone pays for themselves and doesn't bring presents.

Some of us didn't listen though :)

straight above my head..
Caren seated us all and at the start explained how she knew each one and a little bit about that person. Very nice idea but these "little spotlights" always make me feel uncomfortable (not that anything bad was said, I just always feel a bit weird).

Am I the only one?

Caren and her best friend have been friends for... wait for this... 34 years! Amazing.

I had a few nice chats while I was there, ate a delicious pasta (although I must tell you the best pasta I've had recently has been at a restaurant in the Bedford Centre - fettucine a la meatballs - tomato and mushroom sauce - YUMMY!) and took a few nice photos even though it was inside.

Here are some of my favourite pics - I've tried to upload them 3 times now and when I make them x-large as I normally do, they go all pixelly. So you're getting large ones tonight because I'm (literally) freezing my butt off standing in this cold kitchen.

I love this look of concentration
this is my favourite pic of the day! I love it so much I want to put it on a wall :)

my food
Caren's food but she sent back the avo mash
Roz's food
gorgeous rose
the walls
the two of us
Just realised that I'm learning to take better photos inside.... which is on my 2013 goals list. Woohoo.

If you haven't had a birthday yet, how are you planning to celebrate? I really want to have a tea party but I don't want the schlep of cleaning up before and after. Any ideas for places where I can invite friends to have tea and cake with me?


  1. Isabellas- not sure if Joburg has one by now but they do lovely tea and cake parties. Roz's food has me all hungry now.

  2. It looks like a lovely evening out. :-)
    As usual I have no idea about if or what I want to do something for my birthday.

  3. I had a small thing this year - was just too much going on but usually it's a braai or a picnic. LOL I want the gifts :-p

  4. Thanks for the lovely post and photos! Your photos are always good, whether they are inside or outside. I also love the black and white pic!

  5. Looks like a stunning, the food looks yummy and your photos are wonderful.

  6. Food looks delish. Haven't even thought about my b-day yet but I think I will go the same route as Caren. A restaurant breakfast or dinner where everyone pays for themselves. I want the gifts though!


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