Friday, June 07, 2013

{Friendship Friday} Lion and Rhino Park

As you know, Heather and her family were out here.

We wanted to go to the Lion and Rhino Park and since they were car-less, we took our two cars, collected them and then made The Great Trek (which I say of anything out west!)

It was quite amazing that there were only white cars there besides our two black cars - look at the first pic. On the bright side, very easy to spot the boys. Connor decided all the boys should drive together in D's car and all the girls in mine.

It's been so weird to have Heather back home and know that this trip is over :( :( We are so alike and it was good to talk kids, work, travel, everything.

Of course, Heather is even more chatty than I am :) After Heather and Phoebe got into my car, Kendra didn't say a word the entire 70km trip. When I told Tom, he said, "I don't think she could get a word in"

this pic just screams Africa!
still my favourite, non-people pic

Heather and Phoebe
I love this pic!

love this one!

awwww, aren't they lovely?
our squirmy worms!
Which pic is your favourite?

I really need to decide where we'll go next. I'm thinking Thailand... D's not convinced the babies will travel well but doesn't a hotel on the beach with massages and healthy food sound good????

Which places are on your "to go next" list?


  1. The last one made me smile :)
    I need to take the kids there again... it's not too much of a trek for us ;)

  2. Lesley1:34 am

    I liked the picture of you and Heather. I love the way you are so tactile with your friends.

  3. That picture completely screams Africa to me! Actually Africa is near the top of my list. I'd love to travel around the Far East but the hubs would starve to death and ruin the trip for me! Ugh, adventures are no fun with picky eaters.

  4. Love the 3rd pic :)

    Was that the car line in the park?

    So glad your visit was good!

  5. It's is such a stunning place. We visited this place 2 years back and it was awesome.
    I am glad you all had a great time with friends.

  6. My fav is actually the second one of Heather and family. Her and Phoebe both have incredibly long necks...


  7. I love the one of you and Connor. So glad you had a wonderful time with Heather.

  8. I finally got to post about the South Africa trip today. Life needs to stop getting in the way of my blogging, LOL! You did get some amazing photos! Yes, Phoebe and I do have really long necks. Maybe that's why the giraffe liked Phoebe so much, she thought she was one of them!!!

    We had so so so much fun that day! I miss you so much. I wish we lived closer and then we'd hang out all the time! And I do talk a lot!


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