Monday, June 24, 2013

How I've been working on getting in photos with my kids

I feel very passionate about parents, especially momtographers (as I see us being called on the photo blogs) getting in photos with our kids and not only hiding out behind the lens.

But it's one thing to have a nice idea in mind and quite another to do something about it.

I'm not immune which is why I set a goal in 2012 of getting in at LEAST one pic with my kids every month.

This is a secret to my success - I like small, doable goals that I can build on.

I should tell you January was easy because we were on holiday. However, I also had to consciously hand the camera over to D and say "take a pic of me with the kids" ...a LOT (plus I'm fussy so if it didn't work, I had to do it a lot).

For February last year I have ONE pic of my FEET with the kids' feet. That's it. Pathetic but I got my pic.

March got slightly easier and then I fell into my rhythm which is...
  1. whenever I'm with someone who's into photos (Cat took some lovely ones of K and me last April at Bambanani) I hand over my camera to also get some pics of me with whichever kid is available and willing.
  2. lower my expectations of "perfection" and "happy smiling kids" because this is my life, right? flawed and imperfect and very real
  3. grab any opportunity (always have the lipstick handy) and just get the pics
  4. get okay with self-portraits (to be honest, these days some of my self-portraits are TONS better than the ones from other people)
 And at the end of 2012 I had 80 (non-professional) pics of me with the kids.

Isn't that amazing? 80 more than I would have had otherwise...

And as at end May, I already have 73 pics and there's plenty to come.

I love it!

Since this is working for me, I'm never taking that off my goals list....

Kristen Duke (incidentally, she shares a birthday with my kids) said on her blog once that one of the nicest things you can do for a mother is to take HER camera and get some pics of her with her kids. I happen to agree. So next time I see you, ask me to take a pic of you and your kids, not just of your kids. (that's for you, Caren :))

Do you make a point of getting in photos with your kids?
How comfortable is it for you?

And now I want to show you some pics of me with the kids - I handed the camera to D and the 3 of us played in the leaves!

I took this one of Connor's hands
and this one
Look how they're looking at me - I love their expressions

BTW, Kristen has an instagram hashtag #capturethejoy for pics of mothers with their children


  1. Beautiful photos Marcia. I am just about never in the photos...sometimes(ofter) I wish K would take over the camera.

  2. That picture of Connor's hands is AMAZING!!! :) :)

    I need to do a better job of this! I was doing pretty well when the girls were babies, but I know I've really slacked off...I was just thinking about that the last photo book I did. There were so few pictures of the girls and me. :/

    J usually huffs and puffs when I ask him to take pictures [or even be in pictures...or pause while I take pictures]. (Of course then he loves the pictures -- any pictures -- when he sees them. HA!) I need to remind him how important that is to me.

    When my friend D had her baby last Monday, I made sure to take the camera to the hospital. I got some beautiful pictures, and I know she loves them. I hope to visit again this week and get some more. I totally agree with what you quoted...definitely one of The Best Gifts!

    Great post, Marcia!

  3. Love that :) And how very impressive at the number of photos you've got with your kids!

  4. I love that you make a point to get in the photo with the kids. I too do that because I'm usually the one taking the photos. I want to be remembered too ;)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oops - sorry deleted previous - spelling terrible. Oh I adore that first photo. I really need to get more but I also have to ask H to do it. But I certainly have more than previous years

  7. Beautiful photos - wow! 80/73 photos is plenty! Well done.

    I really do have to make more effort on this front too. If I'm lucky i'll get one or two a month of me with Nicola, and then usually the bulk of our together photos are usually in October or there abouts when we have a shoot by someone else.

  8. LOVE the leave throwing ones! Stunning!!!!!

    I generally avoid photos but I am trying now to be more present in them - since loosing weight I actually don't mind seeing myself!

  9. Love the photo with the silhouette! And yeah, I struggle with getting photos of me + kids since I'm always the one with the camera. When I remember to ask TJ to take some, though, he gets awesome ones. I've definitely gotten over my imperfections to just get some photos, and we do a pro shoot of our family every 6 months so I have those as well.

  10. omg. love the hands photo!!!! so great.

    i totally get this. i make a point to get shots of b with the kids....but there are so few of me with them. then i see the ones that he takes and they're totally weird. maybe i have to be more purposeful about it??

  11. I should make more of an effort. I really love this set of pics.


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