Sunday, June 30, 2013

I should have been in bed 30 minutes ago

A few quick things on a Sunday night:
  1. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog another way other than Google Reader. I'm with Feedly, just so you know :) Just as I said, I hung on til the bitter end (Thurs/ Fri) but figured I needed a few days to adjust before letting go.
  2. Every year I forget how hectic it is in the month before the babies' birthday. I already have big plans to scale down a lot for next year :)
  3. I just looked at my June goals - I think this has been the worse performance so far this year. All justified because of course I'm trying to stay sane at work but I need to do a proper tally and post the results for the two of you who are as interested in goals as I am.
  4. Kendra cut her hair... in the FRONT... because she wanted to look like Connor. She's still saying to me, "sorry Mummy" when she sees me look at her with sad eyes.
  5.  I have the house of sick here... all 3 of them again, in varying degrees. I just had a brainwave - I should just take Kendra to Dr S (paed) and kill two birds with one stone - check-up and for him to check her over :)
  6. We had that electricity bill of R11500 (we paid it all) and then another of R12 200 (we paid R3500) and then EUREKA! on Friday, we were emailed a statement showing a CREDIT of R8000. How can we be so happy about paying R7000 over two months? Because it's not R23 700, that's how!
  7. And last but by no means least, I'm still wading through the photos from June (yesterday I finished the Baby Book Project year 2!) but wanted to show you this one. We didn't plan to look like it was a scheduled photo shoot but it looks good nonetheless. This pic by my little Kendra! And when I showed her I starred it because I love it so much, she BEAMED! :) I should have trained them to take photos ages ago.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

What was the best thing about your weekend?


  1. So glad that the electricity bill is showing a credit. That's a lot of money to pay towards electricity but glad it's sorted for you guys.
    So sad that my kids won't be able to make the party.
    I have mailed you :)

  2. Didn't you query it before paying it? Jack started with the snots yesterday but I think its more allergies because D's mom gave him 2 bottles of hot chocolate with milk :-/

    We are looking forward to the party :))

  3. Lovely lovely photo! Ai, the sick. Terrible! Well, just got our water accound and luckily only R1000 more than the usual and not R4000 more than the usual like last month. But then we knew there was a leak we fixed . I am also happy about that! LOL!

  4. Gorgeous photo! Looks like you have two budding photographers in the house - not too late to rethink that camera decision? ;-)

    Sorry to hear all your loves are sick - so far *touch wood* we've been pretty lucky this winter. Not trying to blow hot air up Cat's bottom but that scott's emulsion really makes a big difference in our house.

    Your electricity bill makes me want to weep, even the reduced one. Ouch! Are you running heaters all day every day to get to that amount or what?

  5. Holy cow those electricity bill's are massive! Were they legit? That's a huge amount to have to fork out. Hope everyone gets better soon!


  6. Clever Kendra :) that's gorgeous!!

  7. An electricity account like that will give me heart failure. I will never forget how the Lord dealt with the mission's account last year. We have freezing weather in PE at the moment and I am in hibernation mode.

  8. I'm so sorry Kendra cut her hair...but how SWEET that she wanted to be like Connor! (Focus on that when you get sad eyes, maybe???)

    And that's a fantastic picture K took! I can only imagine how proud she is!!!

    I was just shopping this morning for cameras for the girls. I can't quite turn my big guy over to them, but I know they'll love ones of their own. :)

  9. Love the photo! K might have your eye for photography. : )

    Have you played around with Feedly much yet? The more I do, the more I LOVE it. As I heard someone else say, I just thought GR was the best because it was all I ever used. Feedly can do so much more!


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