Saturday, June 01, 2013

Looking back

I had big plans to do 2 hours of photos tonight and maybe even get to the kids' invite but I'm knackered, so I thought a quick post before I jump into bed with my book (confession - I've just bought two Kindle books now for June - can't WAIT).

So, May.

Well, May was a blur of work, sick family members (I'm the only one who is 100% healthy at the moment, D saw the doc twice in May), socials with Heather, car expense but also lots of lovely bits of encouragement and very happy mail from both blog friends and real life friends which I've treasured. Thank you for that, friends - there is nothing quite like finding an envelope filled with happiness rather than an R11500 electricity bill (true story - we just paid - we are both out of mental reserves and fighting bandwidth).

I also wore a lot of #greyformissy, less than I thought I would but that was partly due to Jhb's very mild winter weather for May... and most of my grey (work) clothes are winter wear.

On the work front, I survived phase 1 of our project and that was a major milestone and was great. I was then put on another one-week thing the following week. It was AWESOME - I worked with another team member who is very chilled (very contrary to the team...) so the two of us planned our week nicely, worked decent hours, took lunch (one with Louisa :)) and finished on time. Best, I am really, really proud of the end-product. It looks good and is thorough but to the point.

On a tangent, I've just been thinking as I've been typing that paragraph... what made that week's work so satisfying? There was clarity but the planning was up to me (and him) and it involved lots of people stuff. Hmmm.

I just tallied up my goals score and I got 84% for May. That's exceptional considering the work pressure but I think I may have escaped to reading, cooking, creating with pics and socials to cope :)

By the way, that's the exact same score I got for April!

I got to do personal training for one extra session and finished with 7 workouts overall, inclusive of my Zumba sessions on Saturdays.

I did make it to Weigh Less every single week and lost another kilo this month. I now have 2.4 kg to go before I reach my goal.

I think that's it. Good but I could always do without stress!

How was your May? Good month or glad to see the back of it?

PS I haven't even thought about June but it will involve party planning to the nth degree.  What are you guys doing for Fathers Day?


  1. May for me was a feverish work pace to catch up on all the paperwork that heaped up while we were on vacation. Then it was followed by an awesome week with Cat and Shayne. LOL...I guess I havenothing to complain about.

  2. Father's Day I covered last month with concert tickets. Easy gift for any musician! I'm clueless what to craft with the children though. Now that hams party is over I feel like I can focus on summer finally! Planning is such a comfort!

  3. Followed your blog through May and yes, you were extremely busy but you made it through. You're a strong woman.

  4. Wow, seeing your month was so hectic with work that goal is stunning!

    And I have just paid a R5900 water bill! (yes, our wqater pipe burst - and that does nto even cover the whole period of time. Dreading next month's)

  5. Way to go for surviving May!

    Fathers day is manic for us - we have a wedding, it's my birthday, it's Father's day and we may be moving house at at the same time ;)


  6. May was crazy! That is all :)

    It was the best month of the year so far but exhausting!

  7. We'll probably do a breakfast or a lunch for Father's day - and I found my dad something that I KNOW he's been looking for for ages now and couldn't track down himself. Feeling quite chuffed about that really. ;-)


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