Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musings - do you want to be on Exco?

another NYC pic - this one taken leaving Bryant Park on the way to the NY Public Library
Today at work a colleague said she has absolutely NO desire WHATSOEVER to EVER manage people (exactly like that, spoken in caps :)). She wants to be a specialist forever and do her thing.

I said I really love managing people (mostly...) but I have no desire to be on Exco, ever. Then I said, "strange, since I used to think of myself as ambitious but really, who wants that kind of life".

So another colleague pipes up and says he wouldn't mind and he is working hard because you never know what might happen.

And so we got into the male/ female debate. Of never seeing your kids, etc.

I mentioned some senior managers I know who work til 5:30, go home and do family stuff, and then get onto the computer for another 2 - 3 hours work a night... on a slow night... and another 5 hours if it's very busy.

I don't want that life.

Is it just because my kids are still little? Could be. I know a lady on Exco who has kids aged 17 and 20. I think (but obviously am not 100% sure) that this may be easier?

I don't know.

And then I opened my Google Reader (yes, I'm still clinging to GR and I get a "kind reminder" every day) and saw this post that I disagree with on so many levels. I just don't think most people have that level of control to make the long hours work. What do you think?

Back to me...

This whole business at work has taught me to be okay with the not knowing (which normally is really not okay for a strong J like I am)... at least for now.

I have no idea what I'm going to be doing in 6 months and I'm not totally freaked out. I'm trusting that God is sorting some stuff out and creating the perfect position for me.

But if I look further, I actually don't know how I want my career to look in 5 years, or even beyond that.I certainly don't want to be taking orders from youngsters!

There's no point to this, just some ramblings...

if you don't have some of these soft Bic pencil crayons, get some. You won't be sorry!

In other news...

It's absolutely freezing here in Jhb. This morning when I jumped in my car it was 3 degrees (with the picture of an icicle) as I drove it dropped down to 1.5 degrees and finally settled at 2 in the basement at work. FREEZING.

And the weather forecast for tomorrow is a low of -4 to 0 with a high of 15............. dear Lord, we're really going to freeze.

I decided to leave work at 4 (yes, I'm going to get in trouble!) to go shopping for a jacket for Kendra. She was freaking out this morning because her vest, long-sleeved top and sweatshirt couldn't fit inside her jacket comfortably. Woolworths had jackets but none that were suitable. I ran into a mother from the school there who told me she'd been to Jet and Edgars too - no jackets there. So I bought tights for K instead.


I've also wanted an infinity scarf for about a month - Woolies calls them snoods (what a crazy name!). Tried one on but it felt un-Marcia so I bought 4 of those knitted things which are like headbands but meant to go over your ears... I told the cashier I'd be using them around my neck!

I also bought some RED suede takkies, some khaki green bootleg jeans and another cell phone cover. I realise I'm going over the edge...let's call it my little reward for my salary increase in April since I didn't buy anything then.

In other news, I took out those lovely soft pencil crayons on the weekend and MAN, they are delicious. I think I enjoyed playing with them more than the kids!

What's up with you?
How are you keeping warm, South Africans? 

I always think about the homeless or poor people when it's this cold. If I'm this cold in my warm house, I don't even want to think about people who don't have money for heaters or warm clothes. Let's all pray that there'll be no deaths due to open flames engulfing houses like we always have in winter.


  1. I too thought about the homeless people last night in this cold. I feel so sad for them :(
    I too don't want to be an Exco one day but I think with the work I am now learning towards, will in some way be like that. Clients from 05h00 and until 19h00. But .... I can always not schedule clients between 14h00-16h00 and be with my kids for 2 hours :)

  2. I don't know what I will be doing in 5 years time, but I do know how it will feel. I also know that working long hours is not for me. I want to be flexible, I want to go to sports events and little functions. I don't want to be tied to a desk or a computer. And, I have also realised that I am not ambitious in terms of a high powered job, working for somebody else. My time is much more important to me.

  3. I too despair for the homeless in this weather. Poor people.

    LOVE the picture of the crayons.

    I used to really want to be someone at work. Now? Um DEF NOT. I am happy being stimulated and doing my work to the best of my ability but to be on exco and deal with all that SHYTE all the time and work non stop. No thank you!


  4. Gosh I read your title in my reader and went NO NO NO! I have never ever had that drive to want to be on exco - I don't even enjoy managing them. I enjoy people but do not ask me to deal with the HR and people issues!!

    Initially it wasn't even about the hours and kids - it was about the game that gets played in climbing the corporate ladder - I can not do that. I watch David having to deal with similar issues now and I am so glad I got out!

    Now it is about the kids and the life I want to give them. I know we can't all not work forever but David really battles with trying to fit time with us into his week. It's a constant juggling act!

    I stay in my pjs as long as I possibly can :-p

  5. Nope, no thanks to Exco. Been in the whole corporate thing for long enough to realise the life I have now is definately the more rewarding one.

    Love those pencils - D has them and can't stop using them.

    Pep have some very cute girls jackets. Not sure what style you're after, but go and have a look. They'll prob only last a season, but at that price does it matter?

    Yes, i'm a J too and struggle with the 'unknown' but sometimes you just have to let go and let God do his thing!

  6. Being in the place where God wants that sounds like the place to be. I used to be very driven and I wanted to get to the top of that darn ladder. Now we manage so many people and take responsibility for their welfare and I would not change it for a pot of gold or the highest position. Being where God wants me is where I am and I am content and fulfilled.

  7. What in the world is exco???

  8. I have no desire to be an exco of a big firm - I wouldn't mind running something smaller though, which I'm guessing should be more flexible. I am all about the felxible, can you tell? ;-)

    I bought Nicola a few jackets at Ackermans...but that was a couple of months ago. I think she's probably sorted for winter now - we haven't run short of anything yet and my laundry is waaaaay behind.

  9. Sitting here at home makes me realise how unambitious I am.... would rather be home looking after baby!

  10. AI Marcia, I do think we tend to get less ambitious when we have kids. But I am in a happy place there -s o ok for me.

    And yes, heavens! It's cold! I bought a lovely nice and warm padded jacket for A at PEP for R90! Go have a look there. Also some Mr P shops have a nice kiddies range - bought nice cord line jackets for the boys there.

  11. I agree with your friend...I'm happiest doing my own thing, too. I'm not a 'people-person' in most cases. One of the things I value most about my current job is that I am VERY much left alone to do make my own decisions/do what I need to do. Plus, we are very family-oriented and no one raises an eyebrow that I take off at least two Fridays a month during the summer to do things with my girls. (Sometimes more often!)

    I read the post you linked to, and ohmygosh, that would be an absolutely miserable life for me. Corporate life is something I've NEVER been interested in. : )

  12. I really agree with what you say about God preparing the perfect job for you! I think we need to learn to be patient and think about things that way. We always want all the answers quickly, but God has other plans. We're meant to figure something out in the process of getting there.

    So sorry to hear how cold it has gotten there. I thought it was cold enough when I was there.


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