Thursday, June 06, 2013

My hippie chick

My mother was up in Jhb that Mother's Day weekend but only with us for the Saturday til after lunch so we took her out for lunch.

The kids wore their gum boots because it was supposed to rain a bit and these two are always on the lookout for a bit of rain (rather like me with the grey skies...)

I didn't realise quite how cute Kendra looked til I downloaded the pics later.

Look at that serious model face :)


Isn't she adorable?!

I just love this quirky child!

By the way, Kendra's been going through this phase where she's identifying very strongly with her same sex role model (me!).

She dressed like me for Career Day, wants to be just a mother, and on the weekends she checks with me, "what are you going to wear today?" and then wants the same colours. If I'm not wearing white takkies, she doesn't want to wear hers either!

She doesn't want to wear Alice bands anymore because I don't... only headbands! She also told me she wants a silver ring and necklace like mine for her birthday!

She's also always writing lists (!) and making things like cards - those are good things!

It's getting interesting around here :) :)

Did you have this going on too? How long did it last?


  1. Oh seriously she is so very cute! Well A still get days where she wants to wear the type of things I do - on Mothersday we both wore maroon pinafores and tights with knitted coats in grey.( jip, we own the same type of things) and she always want o do the crafts I do but mostly because she likes crafts as much as I do.

  2. She is such a cute little girl. I am not surprised that she is makimg lists....she does want to be like mommy afterall ;-)

  3. No one here wants to be like me. :( Daddy gets all the glory and it's eating me a bit.

  4. How cute is she!!! Adorable!! Kiara still does that - not all the time but she will still wear something similar to mine, carry a bag etc

  5. I have it with my daughter now. She's doing everything I do. I rather like it though, we relate :)

  6. She is so totally beautiful! Love her quiet confidence in herself. Kade doesn't like to dress like me BUT he does like to put make up on when I apply mine and he loves to brush our teeth together in the mornings ;)


  7. LOL that's so very sweet :)

  8. She's just delicious. Love this set of pics.

  9. So sweet!
    We haven't hit a stage like that yet.

  10. She is too stinkin' cute! (There's one of those southern phrases for you...)

    My girls don't request to dress like me (yet), but i do catch them mimicking my habits, sayings, and gestures more often. It keeps me more aware of what I'm letting them see/hear. A is always looking at my jewelry and saying, "Will you get me a ring [or necklace, etc.] like this when I'm bigger?"

  11. She is gorgeous! I love that she wants to be just like you! Phoebe is starting to dress a bit more like me these days, but not too much. And she does love a new notebook to write lists!


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