Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Our photo challenge for Saturday is.....

Are you in?

What was the most recent thing you did to stretch yourself, generally or creatively?
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  1. Creatively: Take a photo a day which most days I fail :(

  2. LOL....I might just be in. xxxxxx

  3. Lesley10:25 am

    A few weeks ago myself and Sam cooked for his dads church weekend away. We cooked for nearly 50 people Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was difficult because it was a roast dinner with lots of veg, stuffing, gravy etc - so timing was hard (and ovens were not great) but we did it, and no one was poisoned! Never cooked for that many before - really enjoyed it.

  4. What Saturday is it? This Saturday? I can definitely find something green to take where we are going.

  5. THe whole Project life thing. This week is chaos - but will try

  6. I'm in!

    And creative stretching? I'd say the shower I hosted this past Saturday. I made a couple of things I've never done before...tissue paper pom-poms, a tulle wreath, and a couple of decorative frames. It was so much fun (but a little stressful, given everything else going on). :) Still, you know it always feels so great for me to get lost in something creative...even if it does mean some late nights.


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