Saturday, June 08, 2013

Our photo challenge this month is GREEN

People, this has been a quite the week for drama.

I've cried about 3 times, crammed in lots of meetings with my people at work (to keep sane and in prep for next week's out of office work again), sick kids, sick nanny, sick husband, but on the bright side, it ended better than last week.

Quick run down:
  1. Nanny S was sick Mon and Tues. She's still not 100s but hopefully will be better next week. So kids went to school full day M-T and I left work at 4 (severely frowned upon but do I look worried?!) to fetch them at 4:30.
  2. D is sick again (3rd time to doc in about 5 weeks).
  3. I cried.... a lot.... I'm so tired of this work stuff.
  4. The new lead on the project is already annoying me and the project hasn't even started. Fun times ahead! I actually really hate taking orders from people!
  5. Work friend told me I look unhappy....ex-boss asked me how I'm doing, I said "bad" and started crying....
  6. So I've decided to leave. Not the company, but the team. Have spoken to ex-ex boss and HR already. Too much to say but I'm feeling a lot happier now I've got clarity and have decided on my next steps of action.


How has your week been?

Right, so the photo challenge rules:
  1. Theme is green. Interpret as you will.
  2. Use any camera - phone, point and shoot, DSLR, etc. (I want a cute little fujimax by the way)
  3. Only 5 pics please.
  4. Link to this post
  5. Have fun!
Here are my 5. I must confess, I'm way too wrung out to spend a lot of time on this so I just went to my green folder which was last updated late 2012!

Enjoy :)

at my work
Central Park - isn't this gorgeous? I'm particularly pleased because it was raining so I quickly whipped out the camera, crouched a bit, snapped and ran off again.
Somewhere in NYC outside a church
Charlotte, NC
Which is your favourite photo?

Your turn!
Link up your posts here - can't wait to see all the green :)

PS don't forget to have an orange a day. This flu is brutal! When I was pregnant I had about 2 - 3 a day - I craved them :)


  1. Oh no sorry about all the ill-health, please don't get sick too. Divine healing for all.

    So sorry about the work stuff but glad you've got some clarity and made decision on next steps. Wish you God's guidance with that.

    Love the central park and nc pictures.

    I'll link up hopefully before the weekend is over.

    Sending you lots of hugs on this sunny winter day xoxo

  2. I have the sicks too :( Its horrible - doesn't want to seem to go away :(

    Sorry about the job. I know it wasn't easy taking it but you haven't sounded happy so I hope wherever you move is happier :)) Remember your word :)

  3. I'm sooooo sorry that it had to come to that but I'm also happy that you are happier and have clarity. Will you work with ex-ex boss again?

    Central park pic is my favourite. Hope all the sick people in your life will be better ASAP.


  4. Lesley8:57 pm

    Glad you are feeling good about the decision you have made about the job. I think you have done the right thing. Will pray about the next step for you. xx

  5. Glad you have a plan of action... nothing worse than not knowing how to change the situation. Hope your new team will be better.

  6. Is it wrong that I'm happy you've moved on!? I'm hoping this all pans out for the better. No one should be soo stressed out! Maybe you can get your old office with the gorgeous views, I miss the pictures and the happier you.

  7. I emailed you yesterday about work stuff, so I'll focus this comment on photography. I L-O-V-E the one of Central Park in the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know I want to sit in those yummy chairs, and it warms my heart to see pics from NYC and Charlotte!!! :) :)

  8. Sorry to hear about the crappy work situation - nothing worse, but at least you've got a plan in place to change things. Good luck.

    And the sicks have been doing their round non stop in our home, finishing off with an overnight in hospital on Wed for O. Not great.

    I love the photo of Central Park. Def my fav.

    Can't believe you have your photo's sorted by colour too!

    Good luck for the week ahead xoxo

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Central park photo. Wow! I imagine how I can hours there and people watch :)

  10. We're also battling the sick in our house. So far Cliff is staying healthy and fingers crossed it stays that way. Sorry work has been so darn hectic, but I am happy that you've found a solution that will work for you. ((HUGS))

    I love the Central park pic! Delicious greenery.


  11. sorry to hear about your crappy week! And about the job, but glad that you are working towards a solution. There is nothing worse that not enjoying work as we spend so much time there.

    I am sure that it will all work out for the best in the long run. Thinking of you.

  12. Oh I love the second one! Here's to a week that will be way way way better

  13. I love the Central Park photo. I hope your family shake the flu and cold soon. Kobus, Bianca and Stefan have all had the flu in the past two weeks. Fortunately it has not touched me. I am so sorry to hear that things are crappy at work...and I am glad you have made a decision to remedy the situation.

  14. I like the second one with the trees best.


    Sorry to hear you're having a crap time again. I thought things had started turning around not too long ago? Anyhoo, maybe leaving is the best - you've had like one happy post about this new team since you started there and the rest has hinted at you not feeling like you fit in there.

    I hope you get to make your next move quickly, so you can put this lot behind you.


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