Thursday, June 13, 2013

So, Father's Day

You know how things just creep up on you?


That was Father's Day for me.

Then again, my desk calendar says 1 May.... so life is a bit crazy but I'm trusting God for not much longer!


Anyway, D is, as you know, the best father in the world. I always knew he'd make a good father but I didn't know just how good.

I asked him tonight, "what does it feel like to be so totally ADORED by your kids?"

Kendra has a new thing where, when she hears that gate open, she announces with absolute GLEE, "Mummy! Your husband's home".


It's adorable. And then she sprints to the door - his very own welcoming committee.

So I printed a nice photo of D with the kids (one taken at the zoo in March), and I need to force them to sit still for two minutes to make a card for him.

And then I took them to Woolworths to buy him a nice winter jersey this evening. I said, "babies, which one should we get - black, navy or maroon?"

Connor said, "BLUE!" and Kendra was fine with that so I didn't argue and just went to pay.


He did tell me he wants some alone time on Sunday and to eat out with us, so I'm thinking a breakfast out before church, church, home for lunch and naps, and then I'll take them for a hot chocolate and muffin/ scone while D has some alone time, and then back home.

What are you doing for Father's Day?

no wonder she has no trouble trusting God to fix everything she can think of with this example of a loving father
PS these pics are in my 2013 MD and the kids folder :)
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  1. Hate when calendars catch us by surprise! Marshall has been making Father's Day gift after father's day gift - and because we've written the word "father" so much, he's been calling B "father." Hilarious!

  2. We're going to doa brunch for Father's Day, and I still need to make the card! Thanks for the reminder. ;-)

    I love how D can ask for quiet time and you give it to him. Not everyone is honest enough to ask for something like that.

  3. We took some very cute pics for a card and then go a little gift. We will braai at home - that's what H wants and he gets some alone time on MOnday as the day suits better for what he wants to do with his time.

  4. Thanks for the reminder - Ineed to make cards with my kkids this afternoon!! Those pics are lovely, by the way!

  5. Blueberry crumpets in bed and hopefully I can find a new braai set this afternoon.

  6. I actually RSVP'd for a kids party for Sunday not realising that it was Fathers Day. I even invited a knitting friend along to hang out with me at the venue (it's at the Science Centre) because I figured I would hang out there for a couple of hours after the party. So, I think I may be in a spot of trouble. I guess it's going to be breakfast and lunch with my parents and a cancellation of my knitting date. Now I just need to figure out how we will fit the party in. Oy.

  7. i got b some bike stuff....probably because that is what i want. i'm not even sure if he will like it. i feel like he is SO hard to buy for! mostly b/c he gets whatever he wants anyway.

    he has to work, so we'll probably get up, have breakfast, and then the kids and i will do our normal sunday stuff: run to the park, play, and laundry!! :)

  8. Those are gorgeous pictures!

    I'm doing what I've done the past few years...handprints and a top-10 list of "why he is the world's greatest dad". I also bought a kiddie book, along the lines of "I Love My Daddy" (or some such) and thought the girls could ask him to read it at bedtime. :)

    I haven't actually done anything...but it's all in my head. :)

    What I completely FORGOT was anything for Father's Day for my dad. Oops!!!

  9. You and all your photo folders!

    Love all these pics of D with the kids - you can see how they adore him (and the feeling is pretty mutual).

    We're actually going on a date night tom eve, and the girls are sleeping out, so my D gets a good sleep in on Sunday. I've bought him new sheepskin slippers, and a Le Creseut Coffee Plunger, plus a hoodie, so he's been somewhat spoilt. We'll do pancakes for a late brekkies.

    He has decided that he's making Greek Lamb (from my list) for lunch, and he'll get his alone time on Monday.

  10. Love the photos :) and love how gentle he always seems to be with the kids.
    Sounds like a great day that you've got planned there

  11. Your children are blessed to have a father after God's own heart. Hope you have a stunning day. Wynand and Nadia is picking us up to go to the Addo Elephant park and have a picnic there. I do hope the weather improves.

  12. I was in the same boat. Father's Day really snuck up on me too! But I did have an idea for a present. He really needed a bluetooth headset for his cell phone. He takes a lot of calls from the car for work and it's illegal here to drive and talk on the cell phone unless it is hands-free. This is the same as my cell phone headset, so we can use the same chargers and stuff. He really liked it. I also baked gluten-free banana muffins for him. His stomach really acts up on baked goods, so I stopped baking years ago, because he'll eat it anyway and be in pain. I figured out recently that it's a gluten sensitivity from the flour. I've been experimenting with gluten-free baking lately and he loves it!!! No pain and he says they are yummy! The boys also made him gifts at preschool and they were so cute!

    D is a great dad! I hope he had a great day!

  13. I've seen how your kids adore D. They absolutely love him (and you too).


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