Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sunday iphone dump

It's late and I can't think of anything clever for the title.

It was D's mother's 70th today so we were out and I was determined to finish my May pics. It's quite a story (I like to think of it as a comprehensive system :)) so I did half yesterday and today I just did all the favourites files and Project Life selection and printing.

Tomorrow I'll write up the cards which will take all of 5 minutes but the muse (and good handwriting) needs to be with me.

I'm really going to try and be better with also blogging some iphone pics. This month I included tons of iphoneography in my Project Life photos - the first time ever.

Which reminds me, I haven't taken pics of the April ones either. Will do one day when there's good light...


  1. the kids hide when they hear my car entering the driveway
  2. Bank City
  3. last slice of Louisa's raisin cinnamon bread that she gave me on 12 Jan (yesss, I hoard her bread)
  4. jar o'washi
  5. enjoying tea - this was the meeting straight after I took all those lovely pics
  6. Kendra's first ballet shoes
  7. I love those shoes :)
  8. Somewhere on Simmonds Street. It reminded me a bit of the Blarney Stone :)
  9. Bedtime stories
  10. Library Gardens
  11. Cheering up the kids when they were sick (printables left over from their 2.5 year half birthday party)
  12. Tree at the gym
  13. Cauliflower fried rice - I pinned it but it's terrible! Don't waste your time - make real rice!
  14. The bill, just in case you thought I was joking. PS I accidentally opened a bill for a house in the next street and his one was R16 500 so then I got very slightly happier!
  15. Bank City again
  16. Kids watching my car being towed away
Yes, I will write more about the job (do I think of this as failure, etc - tell me if you have any questions) but thanks so much for your support!
It is FREEZING here so I'm off to bed. Want to start my Jeffery Deaver now.
How was your weekend?
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  1. Weekend was good, saturday busy busy busy, sunday church, nap and cooking. Happy birthday to D's mom.

    Why was your car towed?

    Love the pic of the tree.

  2. I love how clear the iPhone can take photos. I see it with Louisa as well.

  3. Ballet shoes make me nervous but they look so darling. The ladies are excited to start but I'm not sure what they expect.

    I'm currently not loving my blogger app. It's been eating my posts and I certainly don't want to redo a weeks worth and fall futher behind.

    You've never used iphone photos? I usually have a good bit of them. I've started downloading my instagrams in monthly batches and it works beautifully! I usually cut them to 4x3 to save space and use more. My phone really captures the majority of my "in the moment" pictures!

  4. Weekend was good but went too quickly. We had Kade's birthday party yesterday and it was SO FUN.


  5. We had a good weekend :) It was a mix of being out and being at home!!

    Bummed about the fried rice - I looked through the pics and immediately went to see what it was. I love rice!

  6. Our weekend was mostly spent indoors as Joel wasn't doing too well. Ballet shoes are just divine and I'm so glad you tried the cauliflower rice before I did. Now I know to leave it!

  7. We had a busy busy weekend...with lots of family time...I have to blog!

  8. Our weekend was low-key. My mom came down and I've been recuperating.

  9. I can't believe that bread lasted so long! ;-)


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