Saturday, June 22, 2013

The end is in sight

30 October 2010 - babies 15 months - pic by Jeanette Verster
The end of the photo project, that is.

2009 - baby book done
2010 - book done up til July, photos selected til October - I'm busy with Nov and Dec now

2011 - to be done - photos are nicely organised but still have to select the top ones per month
2012 - up to date - need to just print

2013 - up to date - need to just print

Can you see? I have only one year and 2 months left :) :)

From now onwards I think I need to do this every 6 months so it's not such a mission!

It would be nice to have all sorted by the time they're 4, wouldn't it? :)

How's your Saturday been?

PS Can you believe those BABIES?! This one is totally going in the baby book


  1. Have you noticed that I tend not to comment on your photo organization posts??? If I don't acknowledge it, maybe I'm not really so far behind??? ;) Here I'm commenting, but only to tell you I'm turning my head the other way. HA!

    I'm up to date on photo books (through March), but nothing since then. Ack!!! I've gotta get in gear!!!

  2. P.S. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! that picture of you and the BABIES. The babies are gorgeous, of course, but that's stunning of YOU!!!

    1. :) I went through all of them last night and it's crazy - too many to choose from and this one didn't get chosen for anything but I like the "authenticity" of the moment LOL

  3. Wow, congratulations! I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the shots from our professional shoots!

  4. Look at that smile! And I'm not talking about the babies. ;-)

    My Saturday was long and painful. I slept funny and my neck hurt like hell all day. Nicola was in one of her whiny and unreasonable hopefully today will be much better.

  5. I had a great Saturday! Breakfast at the Westcliff with some great ladies, monthly grocery shop, baked Camerons cake, took the dog for a walk and then D made the yummiest dinner ever (was just mince and rice but was DIVINE)

  6. LOVE this photo!

  7. I think a great plus in how I do Project Life is that at least this year is permanently up to date. I have a few years to catch up but some are sorted and printed in books.

  8. Gorgeous photo of you and your two little loves. You are doing well with your photo books..with scrapping I will probably never be up to date.

  9. My Saturday was awesome! I spent the weekend with my friend and on the Saturday we did the Market and the beach and ate like pigs and drank some excellent wine while chatting up a storm.
    Gosh, you are way better than me with the pics. I simply don't have the attention span.


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