Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The quest for leaf photos

So you all know I get a little bit...obsessed sometimes.

Well now, this photography thing just lends itself to obsessions, right?

One of the lessons in Elevate the Ordinary was on embracing your obsessions (she may have used other verbiage) which is all the excuse I need.

I am MAD about leaves. Absolutely crazy about them. Don't even get me started on wet leaves (I literally stop the car and take pics... if safe).

So it seemed the leaves were all kinds of beautiful this autumn. What a God we serve!

There's a particular tree I travel past each and every day on a very busy road. Last year I fully intended to drag D with me so I could take pics but I missed out. One weekend the tree still had leaves, there was some mighty wind and the next weekend that tree was bare. I hate that.

So this year I've been nagging and when D said, "what do you want to do for our date on Saturday?", I said, "well first I want to go past that tree and take pics, and then you can take over the rest of the date".


Tell me it wasn't worth a special trip! When we got there, we realised there were TWO fabulous trees next to each other. Oh how I love it!!!!

one set of leaves
second set of leaves
trying different positions for my feet in the leaves

my favourite!

It was WELL worth the drive and looking "foolish" to get my lovely leaf pics. The only thing that would have been better was if the leaves were wet :)

I have really done an awesome job of making time for photos and photowalks this year.

Next thing on my photo list - take lots of winter pics - moody, dramatic pics that I can make into black and white pics. MMMMMM.

Which is your favourite pic?

I'd love to see all your autumn pics if you feel like taking me up on the challenge.


  1. You're a nut ;)

    Nuff said xxx

  2. My favourites are number 3 (with the tree) and the one of you in the mirror. These are all gorgeous btw.

  3. Lesley2:03 am

    I love leaves too. Autumn is my favourite season, colours are beautiful, leaves changing and falling. I really enjoy going on a walk for Autumnal foliage to put in a vase. Loved all the pictures, especially the last one - your boots really bring out the pink tones in the leaves.

  4. LOVE the mirror one!!! I haven't tried one like that, but I need to! Also love the ones of your feet in the leaves!

    I will definitely look forward to fall leaf pictures, now that I've done Superhero! :) :)

  5. Oh I lvoe these. But obsessive - jip, it is! But so am I too.

  6. When we visited the Walter Sisulu park with Louisa last month, we saw leaves as well and I immediately told Louisa: "The leaves make me think of Marcia." ;)

  7. Yup, a tad obsessed ;-)

    I love the third one of the autumn leaves on the tred.

  8. My favourites are number 3 & 4 and the one of you in the mirror with the camera. :-)


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