Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things making me happy

Remember the crazy quest for leaf pictures?

Well, I took some leaves and brought them home very carefully in a ziploc bag!

I can't tell you how much I love this blue bamboo bowl. It's the perfect colour and size and so versatile. It had paper clips on my desk for the longest time, also some washi tape (when new ones arrive...) and is now holding leaves

A few weeks back I went to Asia City to look for party bags. They didn't have what I wanted but I saw some iphone covers that were calling my name.



Do you know how much I hate that failed message? There is ZERO reception in most parts of my home and definitely at work which is why you'll often get 3 photos posted on a Saturday morning because at Weigh-Less and gym the reception is PERFECT. Makes me so very happy!

I'm also LOVING oranges at the moment, heated for just 10 seconds in the microwave to take off the chill. This is also how I drink water at home. Try it....

I've been carrying a Snapple bottle of fat-free milk to the client's office. They only provide full cream and I can't drink full cream milk. I'm soo not a fan of creamy anything so I just don't enjoy my tea and throw it out after two sips. Our office provides low-fat and that's okay but my first (milk) love is fat-free.

However, it is a huge schlep so I decided to only drink apple and cinnamon herbal tea at the office. Boring but when I get home and have my first cup of decent tea (Joko or 5 Roses African Blend) with fat-free milk, oh man, the angels sing :)

Okay, that's enough weirdness from me.

What's making you happy these days?


  1. I love the leaf pics. Things making me happy include beautiful, sweet oranges, small knitting projects, series-watching, snuggles, market visits and my kindle. Which reminds me that I need to post a winter reading list. Also, I got that beautiful smell of fresh guavas at Pnp yesterday. Need to go back and buy some.

  2. I started to write a response, but I think I'm going to blog this instead. ;) Will link to you!

  3. And I LOVE that you brought some leaves home to make pictures of! That's dedication!!! :) :)

  4. Love the pictures!

    And I only drink Full cream milk. Used to be 2% but when Little OL started drinking milk we bought full cream and I did not like the schelp of buying 2 different kinds. Now we are hooked and wont go back.

  5. I like that Apple phone cover too and that's a very pretty blue bowl.
    What makes me happy these days? Sanity ... (kids not home) and lots of hubby time. Otherwise, a good work environment. Thanks to God for this.

  6. Thanks for this - I was looking for some blog fodders :)

    I made the filling for Camerons cake with Orley whip and there was some left over so I added it to my coffee - can you say HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I am lactose intolerant so these little moments move my world :))

  7. Oh that second photo is perfection. Love the phone cover. Me - am loving soup soup and soup

  8. Love that second photo too!
    The milk thing is a bit odd Marcia...I won't lie. ;-)

  9. Love the leaves in the blue bowl. I am also going to blog this and will link back. I see Laura followed your lead.


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