Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This and that


I haven't applied for that job yet because I have someone breathing down my back the entire day.

Have you done this yet?

How far are you with that?

Are those workshops booked yet?

I'm going stark raving mad. Remember my top value is FREEDOM!!!!

On the bright side, it's taking every living breathing cell in me to exercise patience and emotional intelligence.... I don't know how much longer I can hold out though... but it's got to be good for my spiritual well-being!

I will apply tomorrow though - thank goodness my CV's always ready.

I mentioned today that I wished I could leave my laptop at the client's office like I can leave it at ours and he asked me if I don't work at night.

Definitely not, said I, only in the first 6 weeks when I was freaking out.

Upon further questions I said that no, I decided I'm done blaming myself for not getting things faster because I've never lied about my skill levels, etc. and I actually am a fast learner so tough if that's not good enough. All said nicely but said nonetheless.


In other news, my kids got their first reports today and I'm kind of freaked out. The school is seeing very different Connor behaviour to what we see here... but I'll wait til the meetings tomorrow to properly freak out. Kendra's is consistent here and at school so I'm not bothered by any of that.

Do you see the same picture of your kids that the school sees?

These pics are from MIL's birthday last weekend. I got some nice people pics (nice face ones of MIL) but I can't post all of those here, only these random ones.
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  1. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but I worked from home today and that allowed me to make some doctor appointments for all three kids, just routine physicals, go to the doctor to fill out forms to transfer Phoebe's records from the pediatrician to my doctor that she will start seeing the end of June. I figure almost 13 is a good time to transfer doctors. I also updated the wall calendar with all our appointments, sync'ed it to the online calendar and made a yummy dinner - homemade veggie burgers. I also got a blog post out about Paris and am trying to get caught up on other blog reading and might post the London blog post one to be released tomorrow.

  2. I freaked a little when I saw the girls' first reports. The note the teacher wrote about each of them was glowing, but I thought it was so strange that they got some average-level mark about puzzles and blocks (I think it was), ultimately in relation to attention span. I emailed the teacher to say I felt like they were very patient with those activities at home, and I wondered if there were so many other things to do at school that they didn't apply themselves. She probably laughed at me...and then emailed to basically say that they hadn't focused on puzzles and blocks so the comment on the report was basically a "N/A".

    I share that to say, I'm glad I spoke up for myself. I really debated being viewed as *that* mom who sees her kids as something they're not...but we know our children best. I hope you won't lose too much sleep over it...it will be great to share your perspective and get that of the teacher's. I'm guessing you'll come away from that conversation having learned something valuable about C and how he relates to different stimuli.

    Love that picture of the feet! And the cake is decorated beautifully. I saw a cake similar to that on Pinterest recently, but I like that one even better.

    Deep breaths on the job front! I am so proud of you for knowing who you are!!!

  3. Ugh, I hope this job doesn't turn you into a card puncher. I can't wait for you to move on!

    I'm currently nervous about how the girls will do at camp. Generally speaking I don't value "reports" as much. I always had glowing report cards and test far above where I should, but what does that really mean? I was always this lovely child on paper but no where did it say I didn't socialize and poorly interacted with others. Maybe it was just the 90's?

    Do you value what their opinions and do you think it's an accurate representation?? How much do that have to go on and what's their judging criteria?

    Moving on, that cake is fantastic. I want to make a tiny cake like this for the ladies' birthday. A small garden tea party. :)

  4. Argh I HATE those "breathers" - I do not work well like that at all. Hope it eases up.

    Ja the kids are pretty much the same here and there but Kiara is a lot more reserved at school than she is at home but I am hoping this changes at the new school.

  5. I can't stand people breathing down my neck, and thankfully that is not something that happens around here at all!

    Mostly N's reports reflect more or less what I see at home too, occasionally there is something that doesn't sit right with me and then i'll definitely query it with the teacher. One year after i had put a lot of effort into getting her skills up in puzzles and they still scored her low I asked them if they would consider testing her again with oe of her own puzzles (the ones they had were flimsy and crap), which they surprisingly agreed to.

    I don't know if it works the same at Connor and Kendra's school, but at our school even though the work happens all year - the testing usually happens over the course of a week (like big school sort of), so if my daughter was feeling a bit off in that specific week then it naturally would influence their assessment of her too.

    How much of a difference did you see in the report from what you see in person?

  6. I can't work with somebody constantly breathing down my neck...it freaks me out. I hope that everything went well with the application today.

  7. Oy. I hear you on the breathing down neck stuff. I do work for Ms Control Freak extraordinaire.
    How was the meeting? My kids reports mostly reflect what I see and to be honest I usually know what's going to be in the report. But that's ONLY because I have to be in regular contact with their teachers (and therapists) because of their issues. I wouldn't worry about it. Remember, he knows YOUR boundaries in the home and it's obviously different within the school/classroom environment.

  8. My kids are always better behaved for their teachers than at home. Although Lili has been getting into trouble for talking too much lately...


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