Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's going on around here

how I know it's winter - I have to definitely do a load of colours on the weekend
Crikey, how is it nearly the end of June?

Which also means there's one week til the end of Google Reader. Have you picked your new feed reader yet? Have you been using it instead of GR?

As I said before, I'm holding on til the bitter end although I am kind-of in love with my new feed reader.... Feedly!

It's got such a nice, clean interface and moving blogs around between my categories is easy and smooth.

The kids tell me it's not winter yet because some trees still have leaves! This is the one in our garden that goes completely na.ked. I'm sure by this time last year it was totally bare. Actually yes, Elevate was in May/ June and this thing was an often-photographed subject

So, birthday party progress.

The two cake places I contacted before are in the West and I decided tonight - too much schlep to collect.

So I've emailed a few more people (3) - thanks Natasha C - and wait to hear from them. I'm not stressing - if worse comes to worse, I'll go buy 10 bags of cupcakes from Pick and Pay.

elevate the ordinary...otherwise known as messing around :)

I've been baking!

I baked two pans of loveliness this week - during the week I made my first batch of lemon bars. They were gooooooood.

And then last night I made something that was supposed to be no-bake oats, peanut butter and chocolate cookies but I added pretzels to the mix. That salty/ sweet combo? DIVINE. My whole family gave it two thumbs up even though I halved the sugar!

Next up I want to try that cinnamon pull-apart bread (look on my Pinterest baking board for all recipes -------> link in sidebar under my pic)


Does it make you feel cold to see pics of yourself in sleeveless or short sleeves?

I feel like I need a pic of me in a warm jersey as my profile pic on FB and similar...

D and I went to see John Cleese yesterday. It was about a 6 out of 10 for me; D gave it a 7 - 8. He gets all the Monty Python references, you see.

I did love hearing all the behind-the-scenes of how he actually got started as a comic.

Have you seen the show?

love bougainvillea... but not when there's too much because sweeping up all the fallen flowers does my head in

This week...

  1. I should finish the party favour bags
  2. Current and ex-managers decide on my bonus (I told current one "make sure it's big" and I wasn't joking)
  3. I go on Visio training
  4. We need to decide on a cake vendor
  5. We need to meet with the school 
  6. If I'm feeling particularly ambitious, I really want to get that one last product revised and then all my business goals are done for the year (except the blog makeover)
see the bee?

What's on your list for this week?


  1. I am glad that they finally decided on your bonus. I hope its a big fat one.

  2. Laundry, laundry and more laundry - definitely winter!

    I gave my credit card a good flex and bought the dress I want to wear to my brother's wedding in September. The dress arrived this morning and it's as lovely as i thought it would be for the entire year and a half that i've been looking at it online. I ordered some shoes too, and i should get them on thursday-ish. The dress is red and I ordered some strappy red sandals to go with it but if the reds don't match then i might have to flex the card again and go looking for gold? Anyhoo, I'm pretty sure I can wear those red shoes with other things too. ;-)

    Good luck with the school and the party prepping.

    Yes, I see the bee. :-)

  3. You gave me a great idea for Project life - the washing line!

    AI yes, we did so muich work on the house the last month but I need it to continue - I need to feel in control and happy again in our space.

  4. This week I am focusing on my word and creating order!

  5. I have got to get my financial year end off to the auditors this week.

  6. You don't love monty python? Sniff, sniff...

    I'll think of you tomorrow as I'm melting in this heat. This week I'm learning to adjust to being without children, that might prove to be difficult.


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