Thursday, June 27, 2013

Winter traditions around here

Louisa said in her latest post that she's hibernating for winter.

I kind-of feel like that.

I love the cold, as you know, but not my cold house. It's a lovely summer house but we don't make houses for winter in South Africa.

So most nights you'll find me in my pjs at 6 pm (Kendra loves this - "ooh Mummy, I love your pyjamas") having tea or hot chocolate with the kids under the blankets.

We see Nanny S out, go straight to the kitchen and sort out the hot drinks so we're all ready at 6 pm.

It's quite lovely.

What is also lovely is my kids are unused to having lots of treats so when I give them TWO tennis biscuits with tea or hot chocolate, Connor goes "we can have TWO?!" It's too adorable.

red velvet cupcakes - do you like them? I could mostly leave them. What is the big fuss?

I've been sorting through the 12 - 24 month pics as you know (I finished tonight - ready for printing now!) and came across a few videos which I played for the kids.

They said, "why is Connor not talking properly?" and "Mummy, why didn't I answer you?"

They're fascinated that they are the kids who couldn't quite speak. So am I actually. Hearing those nearly two-year-olds speaking in their little baby voices is way too cute.

The other day Nanny V visited us with her little guy and, as you do (or as I do), I said to him, "do you want a biscuit, M?" holding out a baby biscuit, and Connor pipes up without skipping a beat, "Mummy, he CAN"T TALK!"

We all laughed so hard.

And then I explained that the reason they can talk so nicely is because V, Daddy and I all talked to them a LOT when they were babies so that they could learn.

They didn't seem convinced.

don't you just want to curl up with a book and a nice, big mug of tea?

So they're into videos.

One of Kendra's favourite things to do is to scroll through my iphone (she tried to scroll on the laptop this evening - these sophisticated kids!) and look for videos.

I wanted to see if they remembered something I told them MONTHS ago when Claudia posted on her blog about asking her kids if their job was to be the boss or if that was hers, which I thought was a fantastic idea. (C,please link in the comments if you're reading - I just spent 20 minutes searching and I couldn't find the post)

Claudia always has the best ideas. When mine were little, I "stole" her "gentle hands" and used it a LOT for Connor. Worked like a charm.

So I said to them tonight, "Babies (I still call them babies), do you remember what your job is as children?" and they churned out a whole laundry list of KRAs :)

For the record, what I previously told them is that their job is to 1) listen and obey immediately and 2) be respectful and have good manners.

They remembered - it was SO cute I did a little video but as these things always go, it was a bit of a disaster the second time with everyone grabbing at the iphone, pushing each other out the way... 10 seconds in.

This pic was really blah at first and then I bent my knees til my eyes were level with the lamp post. Now I love it!
 A lot of you commented on those cute little poncho/ gowns in this post.

Well, when the kids were real babies (a few months old), I saw those at Mr P Home in the baby section for R99 each I bought them.

They couldn't wear them in winter 2010 because they weren't walking yet but they've used them 2011, 2012 and now again this year.

We all love them - I love a snuggly child and they think they're fun :)


I have about 6 hours of meetings tomorrow which is about double my normal comfort level. However, working with 6 extreme introverts every day means I now LOVE meetings - a chance to connect with human beings :)
What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

PS I still need to write posts on the school meeting, what your kids call your friends and on my performance appraisal. Which order would you prefer?


  1. Have never tried anything red velvet. Keep forgetting to try when I go for cake and coffee. And no one that I know actually bakes it. Today I am THRILLED that it is Friday. Quick clean-up tonight and then bedtime and hopefully a lie-in tomorrow. Have a friend date tomorrow - we're going out for curry at Wang Thai - they have a special! Am too excited. And Sunday will be an easy, rest day. Maybe I will visit MIL. Did you know that I haven't seen her since 01 May when she got discharged? Lance visits her every week and the kids occasionally tag along.

    Not sure what you want to post about first. Am easy. Write down the topics, draw them out of a hat and work in that order.

  2. Oh I want to know about the school meeting....

    Anyways I love red velvet cupcakes - but mostly my own because I have a great recipe. SOme others as you say are nothing special. But it is about the texture - a REAL one has a really smooth fine tecture - totally different than other types of cake.

    I am thrilled about it being Friday today - I have ots of work but also a hair appointment. The weekend is going to be very busy but mostly with nice things. Of course the in -laws are with us and you know how great they are.

  3. Oh and I love that patio and those chairs!

  4. I also don't get the red velvet thing...whatever. :-P

    Today I'm looking forward to a half day and ribs and beeer! I'm celebrating with a freind because she passed her massively important exam. This has been arranged months ago and I'm really looking forward to it.

    School meeting
    Performance appraisal
    What do your kids call your friends

  5. Our house is freezing so I am in my PJs all day! I do put proper clothes on when we go out :-p

    I googled red velvet a while ago and when I saw the recipe I actually asked around if it was right because it is basically a chocolate cake! I have never tasted it though because of the buttermilk.

    My kids call our friends by their names!

  6. I like red velvet but it needs to be proper red velvet!

    Love the pic of that lamp post.

    I wanna know about the school meeting.


  7. You have not tasted Shayne's red velvet cupcakes...if you had you would love them. I want to hear about the school meeting and your lamp post photo is stunning.

  8. I'm so anxious to hear about all those things!!!

    I'm not a huge red velvet fan, either. I'm OK with it...but I would choose about 10 other cakes before that. I have made them the request of a colleague (what I used to do for my team members' birthdays), and I was disgusted by all the red food coloring in it. Yuck!!! Now I can't think about that recipe without my "yuck" reflex kicking in. ;)

    And our girls LOVE to watch videos of themselves. We did that a week or so ago, going back - at random - about two years. It is AMAZING how they change!!! Thank goodness for video technology!!!

  9. Your meetings sound awesome :)

  10. Red velevet doesn't appeal to me at ALL!

    Having our hottest summer here in years - decades! Lovely warm weather - but probably not much warmer than your winter!!!


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