Tuesday, July 16, 2013

15 minutes in my life, the after work edition

This is how it goes with me...

Leaving gym, I spot the sunset so I stop and take a pic.

and then I see a little friend or two and take another
and how can I resist the door!
I feel like I work in a forest sometimes :)
this sunset always deserves a stop. Once or twice I've "come to" and found a car patiently waiting for me, behind me in the grounds of our campus (I love that!)
on my way home - it's rare to not have any cars blocking this mural - isn't it gorgeous? I need to stop properly one day and take decent pics!
aaah, Joburg, sunsets, what more could you want?
this tree is amazing. it's the perfect winter tree, not so?
 How was your Tuesday?

PS have just finished June photo organising - loads of photo posts are ready to go on the kids' blog and I've selected the project life photos too. Now off to my warm bed with tea and James Patterson :)
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  1. I love the scenery you have where you work. Those trees are stunning. So are your photos.

  2. You are blessed to work where you do, scenery and architecture wise, it is gorgeous!

    Also love sunsets but have learn't to restrict myself!

  3. Lovely pictures :)

    I had a good Tuesday - its the day Christine comes to clean so it is always a good day!

  4. This is like my seen around posts - Marcia style - love it!
    That mural is stunning.

  5. wow. these are so awesome. i'm considering doing something like this too!! thx for the inspiration!

  6. Beautiful photos my friend. You remind me to see the beauty around me. I had a sucky Tuesday.d almost fired myself.


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