Saturday, July 13, 2013

5 things I'm grateful for

On Thursday Laura wrote me a really lovely email.

Hi there,
David and I do this when things are rough and it works for us - maybe you already do it but thought I would suggest it - it may help a little :)
Every day we write down 5 things we are grateful for - it can be anything from a cup of tea to your relationship with D!
It helps to shift the focus a little bit.
Thinking of you xx

I 100% agree that it will help to shift my perspective, so I'm going to write about things I'm grateful for at work.

this pic was taken with my iphone while out to lunch with Louisa
  1. Busi - the tea lady that washes my mug and bowl, and brings it right to my desk every day. She's also the lady who gave me a big hug the day I had my little breakdown.
  2. The CBD and especially this building. I literally turn my head diagonally to the right and look right at it. Gorgeous.
  3. That I've just finished a piece of work I'm really proud of (and passionate about), and I get to work on an extension of it for another week later this month.
  4. The smiles I get from watching a colleague cross off the days til her holiday.
  5. I'm super grateful that my job means we can afford to go on holidays... to the beach...even if only for a long weekend!
What are you grateful for today?

All pics taken with my iphone. My favourite is the middle one.


  1. Glad I could help :))

    It really is a great thing to do - heard about it first from Oprah.

    Really does help get perspective again!

  2. Hurray for looking for the good stuff! :) :)

    Hope you're having a fantastic -- and RELAXING time -- at the beach!!!

  3. Yay beach time! You know I'm always thankful for the calm of the ocean.

    Tonight I'm grateful for decent neighbors. Neighbors who weren't afraid to knock at 10 p.m. to tell us the van was hanging open.

    I also love the middle one. The contrast is great. Could stand to be lightened a bit, and I love the unexpected rainbow effect from the street lamps!

  4. hope you're enjoying your little break, friend, you definitely deserve it!!

    i love the pics, too, especially the one of the lights!

  5. I do this too, and it really does help.

    Am praying that things turn the corner, soon, for you.

    being in a horrid workspace saps the life from you xx

  6. Hope you are having a grand time at the beach! I am grateful for YOU. I love having you in my life. xxxx
    I am grateful for the fact that I can take a tablet when I get a headache and go and nap for two hours. Also for fabric glue. I just used it to hem Child1's school pants and it took minutes!

  7. Wow! I was right next to you when you took that photo - but I'm still surprised by how gorgeous it came out.

    Today, I'm grateful for:
    1) Nicola, she's just amazing - all of her
    2) Work - having one that pays me enough to get by
    3) A slightly less painful throat situation today than yesterday
    4) Family and friends that matter
    5) A great night's sleep

  8. I have a blessings board at home, and every day I write a blessing that I'm thankful for on it. It helps me deal with the "crap" life brings with it. Hope you've had the most amazing time in Plett. Absolutely one of my most special places ever.


  9. I believe in the same exercise when times are tough - Oprah actually talked for years about keeping a gratitude jouranl and write down your blessings every night - I did it for a good few years

  10. I also try and remember the things I am grateful for when I go through a tough time. I also remember that God works all things to the good of those who love Him.


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