Saturday, July 27, 2013

A really nice birthday for D and my little project

My D had a birthday today.

We were chatting on the bed while the kids were jumping around doing who-knows-what and saying what a nice day it was and I think it's these 3 things:

1. D had a call from one of his best friends in London this morning. Since we all spoke on the phone, it was long... and we were late for a party but 100% worth it. SOOOO good to hear from him. And he's the type of person who talks so nicely to kids too so the kids also loved their chats :)

2. We then went to a party - we only spent about an hour and 15 minutes there but it was enough time for me to chat with 3 friends, I got to play with Connor on the jungle gym (he loved it and I told him we'd do it again) and I got some gorgeous pics.

 3. And then home for D's party which, in D-style, was only 5 of us altogether besides kids. It was a pizza and 30 seconds party. Such fun. Our friends have now challenged us to a rematch :) Anyone else want to take us on?

In other news, I got my June project life done the other day and here are the pics for the 3 people who are interested.

For my own birthday, I decided to invite some friends to a restaurant for lunch. Each one pays for themselves, no presents for me because I really don't need anything.

I did say if people wanted to bring something, to bring me a wrapped shoebox I can use for the Santa Shoebox project with 1 - 2 personal care items (toothpaste, deo, pads, soap).

I spoke more about that with our friends today and people, I'm STOKED for this year. My goal is 10 boxes and I can't wait to start shopping for good :) I also want to do a shoebox each for our two World Vision kids! I can't think of a better way to spend my money and I know the kids will love the process even more this year.

Which are the ways you enjoy celebrating your birthday?


  1. 10 boxes! I'm impressed!
    Glad D enjoyed his birthday :)

  2. David and I are the 30 seconds CHAMPIONS! We have yet to loose a game when we play together - so name the time and place and we are there :)))

    YAY for the boxes. We had a meeting last week and the pressure is on us this year - we have a lot more boxes to full in Gauteng this year!!! Don't forget to drop off any left over wrapping paper, boxes and fullers at your drop off point :)

  3. Gosh, D and I have EXACTLY the same idea about birthday parties. Good food, small and intimate with only the inner circle. Pizza and 30 seconds sounds like fun!

  4. Happy birthday to D!

  5. Happy Bday to D! BTW love your Bday present idea - I am totally doing shoe boxes again.

  6. Oh and thanks for showing your PL - I totally blame you and Shayne for my new addiction- also causing a lack of blogging and blog reading

  7. We love 30 Seconds... although I can't partner with my hubby.. he is too slow for me. I do not like to lose!! haha! This year I want to have a pool party for my birthday, it is on the 22nd Sept and I just hope it is warm enough by then! By pool party, I mean outside, meat on the braai, kids in the water, balls and frisbees being tossed around, can't wait!
    Happy birthday to your D!

  8. I love the way you celebrated D's birthday. Just a few friends with pizza and 30 seconds. Sorry, but me and Deon will lose - we haven't played in ages.
    My 30th is on Saturday. Details to follow on blog :) Yours are next week :) Louisa's as well

  9. Small and intimate suits me down to the ground! Pizza and 30 seconds sounds just amazing!

    Love your june PL. Simple and clean lines. Gorgeous. Am desperate to get me some Seafoam cards - hoping they'll come to SA soon otherwise i'm going to just print digitally.

  10. Happy birthday to D. I also love small and intimate.


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