Monday, July 15, 2013

And so ends the holiday

We are pooped!

Those of you who are Instagram and FB friends may have seen in your feed that we had some "adventure" leaving Plett today.

Barely out of Plett and Connor wants the loo.

So we pull over at the next petrol station, the boys go do their thing and when they got back and D started the rental car, it wouldn't start and there was a lot of steam from the engine.

Some petrol attendants come help to do who knows what while I quietly freaked out. They think it's a burst water pipe or something like that.

After about 10 minutes, I said to D, I'm phoning the company to let them know.

They were fantastic (the one starting with an E) - sent a car from their Knysna office but turns out they sent someone from Plett instead. He was with us in about 15 minutes.

I'd worked out that we wouldn't be able to check in in time though so I phoned the airline, found it would be an additional R3280 to change flights (daylight robbery), tried to book online in case it was cheaper (even with our 35% discount, it would still have been R4300 one way...) so I phoned the airline back and booked those flights.

Can you see my dishwasher's wings flapping and flying away???? Such a waste of money!

There are two blessings though - 1) we were at the petrol station when all this happened and not out in the boondocks (!) and 2) that we do have the money and we're not scrambling to make the finances work.

It takes me about 5 minutes to adapt with these kinds of things so once we had our car, and our flights were booked (thank God for a charged ipad), I said, "well now, since our flight's been delayed by 3 hours, let's go have lunch in Knysna" and so we did :)

Here are a few pretty pics from Knysna.


And now, I really need to pack my work bag and choose clothes for tomorrow!

How was your Monday?


  1. pictures are gorgeous!!!

    Glad you made lemonade with those lemons...and double-glad you weren't stuck in the boondocks. ;)

  2. You handled it all very calmly! Welcome back. :-)

  3. Sho! Now that is a hectic way to head home but glad you handled it so well and that you do have the money and don't have a finances problem now.

  4. Gorgeous pics!

    And yes, blessings indeed.

    And you know what - you handled it well, what would freaking out have achieved?

  5. Funny thing is that my water pump blew in Plett once as well. Unfortunately it was my own car so no replacement. Luckily the man I was dating at the time owned a truck, so we sent for that. Still only arrived back in PE the following day. I am sure my boss believed the story.......

  6. Oh gosh, well at least you are home safe and had a great mini break.

  7. I am thinking the rental company should reimburse you somehow. It was their car breaking down that caused you to miss the flight.

  8. Sherbet that made me a little anxious. It takes me a little longer than 5 minutes to deal with stuff like that!!

    Your holiday does look so great though!

  9. Ai jai jai, well at least it all ended well :-) And you got some gorgeous pictures out of it too!! Welcome home :-)

  10. You really got some awesome photos Marcia. But that is highway robbery.

  11. Pictures are BEAUTIFUL. Glad you had a great break. I’d say that the detour was a fantastic little blessing. When would you have ended up in Knysna again? I had a terrible Monday which also included a broken car and a husband who was ready to bite everyones heads off because of this. First day back went well though.

  12. Glad you had a good time, despite broken cars and missed flights :)

  13. Looks like you had a fantastic time away. I believe that things like that happen to keep you from being somewhere you were NOT supposed to be. You got to have a divine lunch at Theisen Island and are now home safe and sound. I really want to get to Plett again soon!



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