Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Black and white

So I'm kind of obsessed with this first building.

I posted a pic on Instagram and Facebook a few weeks ago saying this is such a beautiful building and people said it looked like Harrods or like the Michaelangelo towers in Sandton.

It is, in fact, the original First Nat.ional Bank building in the Jhb CBD. From my little desk next to my colleagues where we squash into a tiny office, I look out on this beauty Mon - Thurs :)

I love that green domed roof so I brought in the big camera to take some pics. It didn't really work because the window was super dirty so the colour was terrible.

However, that's what black and white photos are for!

Doesn't it look amazing?

As much as I love the city I'm not going to walk over there ALONE with my big zoom lens to get decent (outside) pics and none of my boring colleagues are interested in even asking about my day, let alone humouring my passion for gorgeous old buildings. Except one... but she's a girl.

Library Gardens
Stairs of the Public Library
this was outside my bedroom window - spying on a bird on the rooftop of a house across the street one morning
These are the things that I focus on to keep me thinking positively while they micromanage me like I'm 22 again. *sigh*

Which is your favourite?

How do you get through sucky periods in your life?


  1. Love the first one.

    And yes B&W definately has it's uses!

    Sorry you're having a crappy time. Really feel for you. Have you had any luck with anything else?

    1. It takes forever to get a new job - I so hope I'm shortlisted for this thing I applied for.

  2. Lovely black and white photos Marcia. Sad that it isn't safe to just go out and snap the pictures you want.

  3. I also love black and white photos. My favourite of these is the one of the steps. Maybe because you said it was a library - love libraries.

  4. Won't Louisa walk with you during a lunch break one day?

    I eat my way through tough times!

  5. Hey...what does "but she's a girl" mean?!

    It might be a bit of a walk for me to get there, but tell me when and I'll play bodyguard for you (but I am also a girl, well woman anyway).

    Tough times...I take a lot of baths, go quiet and ponder things, write until I feel empty (some of it i even post), and sleep more than usual. I do all these things one day at a time and try not to let the big picture overwhelm me.

    Hang in there!

  6. I love the way you find in keeping positive through the sucky times. How do I keep positive? Photography. Going through a sucky time now and because the kids are gone, I went out with my camera during lunch time and shot away at random things. Just to get my mind off everything.

  7. That's my favourite building in the city... And the inside of it is even more gorgeous!

  8. These pics are beautiful.
    When I'm really in a bad space then I run HARD. I do a lot of self-care. I spend lots of time in nature, especially at the beach. And I do plenty of little things to brighten my day. Go for a walk. Listen to happy music. Get enough sleep. Connect with people. Also, I become very quiet. And introspective. I do yoga. I go with my emotions and cry if I need to. And I pray, pray and pray some more. And of course I write. I can easily write 12 blog posts in one day if I need to. I don't even publish it but the words always give perspective.
    This too shall pass and I will pray for you.

    Love you.


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