Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don't dream it's over

One evening on the beach at Plett, I saw three people jumping and getting their photo taken.

These guys :)

So I told D to try and get some jumping pics of me too.

Not the greatest but I had fun :)

From today probably until the end of the project, we're starting work at 7.45. That's huge for me. I made it today but it was Hard. Remember I'm a night owl so by lunch I was yawning away and then an amazing thing happened.

An email popped into my inbox inviting me to an interview for that position I want.

I accepted the invite and tried not to get too excited.

In other perfect timing, I had a pre-scheduled career coaching appointment this afternoon.

I used the time to fill her in on what's been going on with me, and then we brainstormed ways on how not to make a big mistake again.

So I have lots of preparation to do for my interview on Thursday morning at 9 am (prayers very welcome and needed!). I will need to position this disaster as logically and reasonably as possible, and interview back (hard!) to make sure it suits me perfectly.

I took the job spec with me to my appt as well as all my assessments and such, and she agrees that it sounds perfect for me. The thing is to check if the things that most excite me (the people stuff) are actually the majority of the job.

I didn't tell you but yesterday I had the feedback from when I had major assessments done for the current job. As always it shows I'm super competent (like better than 98% of people assessed) but I see those things as just because I can do something doesn't mean I want to. Like accounting-type things - I am actually really good with numbers but I would rather stab myself in the eye than do that for a living :) (no offence to those who like accounting!).

On the personality side, the psychologist pointed out 2 - 3 things that "may be a source of frustration for me in the current role". All true - relating to the micromanaging, lack of freedom, lack of flexibility, lack of control. Yes!

But enough of this - I'm also bored with this sad state of affairs.

Just pray for me and I'll be prayed up and prepared too, and hopefully this is the one. It would be really nice to get a new job by my birthday (6 Aug :)).

In the pre-global warming days (!), we'd start wearing short sleeves around the time of my birthday. I think those days are gone forever but it's nice to dream :)

How is your week going?

PS I finally finished the Plett photos - keep a look out for those :) I got them down from 904 to 536!
PPS Title song - Crowded House. LOVE THEM :)
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  1. I love the jumping photo, you look real free. I am so happy you are going for the interview...now we must pray and trust the Lord for great things for you. Hope you sleep well tonight. xxxx

  2. I was just thinking of your work situation before I read this post. Trust God that the best will happen and always remember Jeremiah 29:11

  3. I saw the title of your post and couldn't wait to read to the end and say CROWDED HOUSE! :)

    So, so glad to hear you have an interview, Marcia! I will be thinking of you and praying for clarity of thought.

    Keep staying true to who you are.

  4. Good luck with the interview! I hope this is THE ONE for you.

  5. All of the best for the interview, I pray that it works out for you.

  6. Crossing everything and will be praying hard you get this.

  7. hey now, hey now, don't dreeeaaaam it's overrrrrrr.. Love Crowded House :)
    Girl, I wish you all the best for your interview. Will keep up the prayers.
    And I laughed at your photos, loved them! I want someone to photograph me like that too! xx

  8. good luck with the interview.

    It is so funny that you should title the post filled with Plett pictures with a crowded house song. I spent every single teenage holiday in Plett, listening to their music. I love them and everytime I hear one of their songs it reminds me of Plett. We would got there the weekend before schools broke up and set up our caravan etc and then as soon as school finished at 11 we would all get in the car and drive down. We would only come back home the day before schools went back - it was AWESOME

  9. Good luck for the interview tomorrow!! You will be great :-)

    Love the pics and the weather, looks so cozy :-)

  10. Love the jumping pic - you saw the one we took at San lameer?

    Good luck for Thurs. Will be thinking of you and will pray to that this is the job that has you written ALL OVER IT!

    lots of love xx

  11. YAY for the interview :)

    My week has been a bit slow but good!!

  12. By now you've had the interview and have knocked their socks off ;)

    Love the jumping pics :)


  13. I ALWAYS love beach pictures. And I have no doubt that you ACED that interview. You are sooooo awesome, how could you not???

  14. Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crowded House.


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