Monday, July 01, 2013

Eish - one month left

this pic taken with my Sony Cybershot two years ago - those are carrot cupcakes - I love carrot cake!

So there's a little more than one month left til my birthday.

I've just had a look at my 38 things list and at this rate I'll get 31 done by my birthday. Actually, that's not too shabby.

Things I could get done if I move my butt:
  1. get book number 2 on the kindle, pronto! (I told the lady I'll fix the formatting errors after the kids' party) Here's book 1
  2. read a James Patterson and a John Grisham
  3. get my handwriting made into a font (I thought this would be easy but how many times have I tried and how many times have I not been happy with the result?!)

Before I share some July goals, how did I do for June?

As always, it feels like I did worse than I actually did. I got 80% of my goals done but it felt like 40%!

Some highlights:
  • 5 socials :)
  • 12 - 24 months baby book is done! It took me about 5 hours total to sort through a whole year's photos, choose the ones I wanted, and then sort and put into an album with monthly and occasional captions, and Instagram one or two here and there :) I aim to get totally caught up later this year with year 2 - 3, and then 3 - 4.
  • I tried two recipes which worked out great - I need to blog but I don't have pics so does that mean I have to re-bake them??? Mmmm :)
  • lots of random acts of kindness done for colleagues
  • party planning - I will say this, this is probably the first and last year I do a venue. Nothing wrong with the venue - just a huge schlep. I have two HUGE baskets of stuff to take with us on Sat. Thank goodness I have a half day on Friday
photo used for the kids' invite

I'm happily surprised at how fast June went. Now you all need to pray HARD with me that either that job I've applied for is PERFECT and they see it.... or that another comes up super fast because I'm tired of faking it that I'm okay. I need out.

So, goals for July.

  1. Have a lovely party for the kids.
  2. Get thank-you cards out within one week. Last year I emailed thank-yous; this year it's back to basics, old-fashioned ones.
  3. Get some gorgeous pics (if you're coming, you're welcome to grab my camera and take photos of things I'm not seeing that I might want, or of me, D and the kids)
  4. Have "reasonable" and not emotional discussions to pave the way for my next work move...
  5. Read 5 books, two of which should be the missing two on my 38 things list
  6. Get to gym at least 8 times to work out, not just swipe my card.
  7. Three dates with D
  8. Make a good attempt at the handwriting font
  9. Get 31 days book on Kindle
  10. Plan MY birthday party
  11. Go to Weigh-Less every Saturday I'm in Jhb
  12. Date with each child
  13. Post to K & C blog 10 times
  14. Have a lovely holiday with my family - my mother's 60th!
  15. Take beautiful photos on holiday - hopefully there'll be some nice grey sky/ beachy ones :) ooh, we need to take umbrellas and gum boots... just picture grey, overcast misty weather with bright boots and umbrellas. Gorgeous!
  16. Finish June photos before I go on holiday otherwise I fear I may never catch up.
  17. Project Life for June and take photos! I realise I haven't posted April or May yet.
  18. 3 socials
  19. Bake cinnamon pull-apart bread and make those divine lemon bars again
  20. Elevate emails into a word document!
  21. Deposit Amazon cheque (it's been sitting on my desk for about 2 months!)
  22. Renew car licence
  23. Choose photos for my mother's canvas and place order
  24. Make Connor's paed check-up appointment (K went today - two birds with one stone
What's on your list for July?

PS Eish


  1. Urgh...don't remind me - one month away is my birthday too. I think I need a weekend away, I don't feel like organising parties in winter at all. Or maybe I should, since I never do it. Nah, I don't think so. But maybe....

    As you can see, I remain conflicted about this.

  2. I have a month until my birthday as well. I know what me and hubby will be doing on that day, not sure the evening though.
    You have a full list for July - makes me exhausted when I read this ;)

  3. Your highlights are fantastic!!! Socials...BABY BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!! planning...acts of did an awesome job!!!

    I'm so happy I'm sorta-kinda caught up on photos. I have a great idea for an A-B-C photo book that I can't wait to get started on. :)

  4. I am not going to tell you AGAIN just how in awe I am of your planning. You are really amazing.

  5. OH my , you can plan! I am just not that good at it. Here's hoping you get all that done


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