Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family photo shoot

So, two things:

1. Thank you for the nice things you said about the winter beauty photos. That was photo walk 1 on my winter list. I've already done number 2 and my last one needs to be about 20 minutes before sunset :)

2. The interview went well, I think. It's hard to know for sure - I felt good, I felt like they liked me but that's not to say they like me enough to employ me. Anyway, there are two other shortlisted candidates, I think from outside the organisation, not 100% sure though. My assessments are great though and perfect for this role so I hope they take that into account.

I'm hoping for a lovely birthday present of a new job :)

Right, onto the photos.

Seriously, I should have trained the kids to take pics ages ago :) I have so many nice ones (decent) of D, me and one kid which is such a blessing.

I have 120 photos taken this day (that's the remainder after deleting duds) and 48 of them are starred. A really high % for me which means I love a LOT!

Onto the photos. These are over a month old - they were taken on the 17 June public holiday again in our back garden, mostly against my white portrait wall.

this is 4!
and this!
this child is amazing at the moment - so lovable :)
glint of naughty
Mandy, this is the tap I've taken pics of before - nice low f-stop pics :)
I love this pic!
this handsome man's celebrating a birthday on Sat :)
This right here is the proof to D and the kids that it's ALWAYS worth it to schlep outside in the cold to get some photos. There is just nothing like beautiful light!

Which is your favourite?


  1. Glad to hear about the job - I am way behind on reading etc. Love the one of D and C the most

  2. You both are great with your kids. You two just know how to "handle" your kids. Such loving parents you two are.
    Great photos

  3. I like them all - great photos!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos!!!

  5. My favourites are the ones with D and the kids each on their own with him. (hope that makes sense)


  6. Hope you get the job. And LOVE the photos :)

  7. Oh gosh. I LOVE all of these and can't choose a favourite. Stunning.

  8. Glad your interview went well. Lovely photos Marcia.


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