Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday wrap-up

1. I went back to work today and had a really nice day actually - I did have 6.5 hours of meetings so it could be that :)

2. Connor's worn out his brown takkies so I went to get him a pair of brown boots on the way home from work. He says, "I love these so much I want to give them a hug" :)

Before you all get excited, I also bought a pair of grey shoes and some slippers - he told me I could take those back. I'll do so happily because I hate wasting money!

telling D to take from the torso up :)

3. I'm feeling kind-of weird about two people in my life at the moment - someone at work and someone personally.

W - this person told me some things about my work situation and while I receive them in the spirit they were given (with a good heart), I don't feel like I can talk to her about anything anymore because I feel like so much has been totally misinterpreted. Isn't that sad?

Anyhow, ran into her today and had to be all breezy. I don't do fake breezy very well though so I feel inauthentic.

P - I don't know if this person is trying to break up with me or what. You all know I have problems knowing if people are blowing me off. Reasons given to get together have been quite flimsy and frankly, hurtful and insulting too. Still not sure if I want to have it out although I do want to save the friendship.

4. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow morning?

Going to a photo workshop with Jeanette! I think I'm a bit mad... because I said I'd take the kids but now I'm panicking a bit - what if they freak out without an adult for 3 hours (guaranteed actually).

Anyone else reading this going to be there?

5. The thank-you cards are all done except two - one for SIL (remember last year when she was so rude about my handwritten thank-you cards - well, I told D he can write one) and one for my sister (we only got those gifts on the weekend). So happy about getting those done. I've already had one acknowledgement.

Now all we have to do is find a place for all these presents currently in my study. Fortunately the bulky things are being played with already.

look how the light changed just in the few minutes between the first pic and this one

6. And last but not least, some GORGEOUS photos you have to look at.

Lynette's beautiful beach photos (which have inspired me to do some more Plett photo editing right now)

and some AMAZING photography (iconic, I believe the word is) and a great post from Justin and Mary - my favourites are the first and last photos

What's on your list for the weekend?

PS if you have a favourite photographer who posts black and white images, let me know - I'm kind of obsessed at the moment.


  1. LOVE the pic of you giving D directions!!! Hee hee!!!

    And that sky...those mountains...gorgeous!!!

  2. So glad you had a good-ish day at work! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. Don't you think the sunsets in Plett is the best.
    I hate meetings and you had more than 6 hours of it. That would kill me.
    I know you are going to love the photo workshop and thanks for the shout are way sweet.

  4. How was the workshop?

    We had our annual chilli hot chocolate date with my cousin today and tomorrow is K's kitchen tea.

  5. Hey, hope you had a great time at your workshop. Today was my Boyfriends birthday. We had breakfast with my parents and the inlaws came around for cake and tea. All in all a really lovely day. Tomorrow I have a brunch date with a friend and I'll spend the rest of it reading.
    I love that sunset pic.

  6. I am so sad I missed the workshop yesterday! I was very bleak about everything! D had a last minute "business" trip so I ended up not doing my Mandela Day thing because Cameron had soccer on :(

    But he won and then Kiara and spent a lovely afternoon at the World of Dogs and Cats!

  7. Love the pictures. Saw Lynette's Pictures one word- AWESOME. I always have to give Y instructions on picture taking too as I love portraits and he is full pic biases. How was the workshop? And hope the kids were fine?

  8. WOW, that beach scenery is stunning!!!

  9. Did you enjoy the workshop?
    I like the photo where you explained how D needed to take the photo. So real :)

  10. Those pics make me miss Plett with an actual ache in my heart. Beautiful!



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