Friday, July 05, 2013

{Friendship Friday} The next best thing to a weekend away is...

a night out with twin mom friends :)

Caren, Roz and I had big plans to have a weekend away.

That was in January before life in 2013 set in.

Then due to extra-mural logistics, we scaled down to a night away.... and then we weren't able to make that work in time so instead of a night away, we had a night out in Rosebank.

Don't go getting excited - it was really just three friends talking a lot over good food and dessert :)

I know I'm not alone when I'm sometimes tempted to not do anything but I push through anyway and always, ALWAYS enjoy myself.

Enjoy the pics I took that night.

I'm not giving up on that weekend away, especially since hearing of Cat, Lynette and Shayne going away together.

Do you have regular nights out with your friends?
PS Aren't you glad I've stopped moaning about work? I certainly am!
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  1. I don't have enough nights out with friends... glad you went :)

  2. We have our MoMs group "Coffee Night" once a month. Nine of 10 times, it's just three or four of us "founders". We joked this past week that, if it's only going to be us, we should go for a late dinner and drinks. So...we're meeting up again this coming week to do just that. :) I'm also getting together with K&S this coming week. Different ties that bind, but both will be good for the soul. And then I'll relish being home with Hubby after that "busy" week. :)

    Although I'll gladly listen to you anytime about work (or whatever), I am happy to see you thinking about something so happy, like being together with friends. :) :)

  3. Looks great!
    I don't get out much...week nights are just about completely out of the question, Nicola us very set in her ways and me being there is kind of an integral part of them. Weekends we mostly stick to day time activities for the same reason. ;-)

  4. WOW, thanks for the lovely pics and post! Roz looks amazing!!! My fav is the one of Roz in b/w and the one of you and Roz in b/w. It was a great night out. Maybe when our lives are less hectic we can still do the girls weekend away??? I am always keen to get away from the craziness at home with twins toddlers!

  5. I am super keen for a Mom's night away or a spa day or SOMETHING! Used to have a monthly mom's dinner out...but of late it's fallen to the wayside and I NEEED it again.


  6. There is few things that beats quality time with good friends. I hope you get it organised soon.

  7. Part of why I love bookclub as much as I do - a night once a month with friends.


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