Monday, July 29, 2013

Jhb CBD mini photo walk

A few weeks ago, my one colleague and I were to meet an ex-colleague for lunch (she now works for the blue bank).

Ex-colleague says can we move earlier or cancel - I HATE cancelling so off we went at 10:30.

Can you tell the others were in a meeting? ;)

this pic could have been NYC

old Market Street
what is this one called?
Library Gardens

When we got back, even though I took about 5 minutes to take the photos, my soul was nurtured and my heart was full.

When was the last time you did something just to nurture your soul?


  1. Aww I need a walk in the city again!

  2. That is so cool. I also love the peek at another city since we're not likely to travel so far anytime soon! (Still traumatized by the 9 hour return flight from Ireland last year.)

    I've been debating lately about asking hubby for some "time off" so I can take my camera out and about and photograph something other than my kids. This weekend I had just about 90 minutes to myself to finish up a Project Life spread and it really, really did "feed my soul." I was so much happier after that!

  3. I'm taking Wednesday "off" for some furniture refinishing. It's almost more satisfying than photography if you can believe that!

  4. Waaaay too long ago. I need to do this for myself SOON.


  5. Stunning pics.. I'm doing this walking tour of JHB CBD with work on the 15 Aug. Can't wait!
    I need to do something for my soul.. I just don't know what? I'm not one for massages and manis and pedis.. I don't like shopping, I don't really have a hobby.. ideas?

  6. I love the photos you took and am a bit jealous by times when you get opportunities like these. My 30 min lunch times are used to pick up kids.

  7. Stunning photos Marcia. I need to go on a photo walk and capture all our old buildings before they fall into total disrepair. I will need to take my husband with me as bodyguard :-P


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