Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kendra and her twin sister, and moments with Connor

I've been off from work for a whole week and I won't lie - it's been FABULOUS!

I had the holiday of course, and then a day's training, and then I've been home sick for two days with a cold.

I dragged myself up to fetch the kids from school both days since the drive there is exactly 1 minute, and that includes waiting at the traffic lights and stop streets. They loved it and so do I. I love Kendra running and jumping into my arms and Connor's shy little smile as he reaches for my hand.

I was semi-productive at home when not drugged by meds - formatted my 2nd Kindle book and that's with the Kindle-iser :), sorted through about 500 pics (still not the holiday ones because I'm going in chronological order, but they're next!) and decluttered in the kids' room a bit.

But all good things come to an end - I go back to work tomorrow and then it's weekend again.


I bought some special dental floss for the kids from Clicks. Expensive as all gimmicky things are but they were delighted so maybe it was worth it for the little giggles.

Kendra pulled up a stool to the bathroom mirror and got a-flossing. She looked so pleased with herself that I grabbed my camera... and then we started playing... as we do.

When I showed Kendra her twin sister, she was tickled!


We tried with Connor but I had the 50 mm lens on and my arms are only that long!


Connor flossed too hard which is why he's showing us where it's sore.

This morning D brought Connor to our bedroom to get dressed while I supervised. Connor is not a morning person so he just climbed in and we carried on sleeping (!). When he woke again, he looked up and said to me, "ooh, Mummy, the light is beautiful!" That's my boy. Seriously, this is one of our most precious conversations - it brought tears to my eyes.

And then something else that made me laugh. We're working through one of those sticker books so I explained to Connor that some of the stickers have to go in specific places but the others can go just anywhere because they provide extra ones too. He says to D, "Daddy, these ones are random. We can put them anywhere" LOVE it!

They're at such a cute age at the moment. And I'm going to enjoy the equilibrium while it lasts.

How are you doing?


  1. LOVE those mirror image twins!!! Brilliant pictures!!! :) :)

    And love C's commentary on the light, too. Precious. :)

  2. They are too sweet :) Sorry you have been feeling yukky :( But yay for a little more time at home!

  3. HA! That mirror trick is awesome, I'm going to try it!!
    Out of the mouths of babes - love it! xx

  4. So sweet, love the flossing pics.

    Sorry you're not feeling great, but at least you haven't had to deal with work!

  5. Hope you are feeling much better today. I love how you caught this photo opportunity and I love the twin pictures.

  6. You know my ladies refuse to use the floss picks! I bought them thinking this could start moving to a more independent activity but no. Sigh. Hope you're feeling better.

    The twin picture is adorable. When I saw the title I was half expecting pictures of Connor all dolled up!!

  7. I LOVE these! Absolutely stunning. What a clever idea!

  8. That's adorable! Nicola also found her "twin" and has given her a name. Bonica...hahaha...not what I would have gone with but oh well? *shrug*

  9. Well they are random! K looks like a big girl in the floss pictures. Too cute


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