Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One four-year-old + potato salad = a big mess

On the kids' birthday, we had a picnic lunch outside.

We had some potato salad and the children didn't want to wear bibs since they're now "big kids".

Can you guess what happened?

Yes... a big mess on her lovely Naartjie top.
look at the mayonnaise stains

First we tried washing it (and by we, I mean Nanny S) in the normal way, hoping that the stain removal would work with the oily mayonnaise stains.

They didn't come out :(

But then I read the Vanish booklet, followed the instructions exactly for mustard, and lo and behold, the stain disappeared, much to my relief.
out! bad picture but I can assure you they're all out
I really love this top, you see, as I think Kendra looks gorgeous in it :)

Next time the babies eat potato salad, you can be sure they'll be wearing their bibs!
 my new "taking pics at night" skills :)
Am I the only one out there who still makes her kids wear bibs? 

PS Vanish sent me the product to review for this post.


  1. Our kids still wear bibs! The only exception is at a birthday party or at preschool, where they're around other kiddos.

    Tonight at supper, I somehow ran out of bibs. My B had a FIT...she refused to eat without one! HA! My A was fine, but B didn't buy the "big girl" "privilege"

  2. I put bibs on N for roughly a week before I decided they annoy me more than they help me and left it. ;-)

  3. I am glad that Vanish worked for you.
    I haven't used bibs since my children were 2.

  4. We stopped using bibs when they stopped drooling at about a year old! Oh and K would look gorgeous in anything! xx

  5. I pretty much gave up on bibs when she was about a year - I just could not be bothered. Yes, some of her clothes got stains on them, but nothing too hectic. Most of the stains are from juice more than food anyway.

  6. Oh Marcia! You make me laugh :) My kids never wore bibs - I don't like them. I think one of the older ones did for a bit. And then I wonder why Jack goes through 6.89 million outfits a day!

  7. Kade hasn't worn a bib since about 10 months old. They just used to drive me nuts so I would rather deal with a stain here and there. He's VERY good at feeding himself and drinking from a cup (mostly only spills when drinking and the cup is too full).


  8. I left those behind years ago. Too much fuss.

  9. Lol! So glad to hear that Vanish really works. Will have to try it on some oily stains too.


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