Friday, July 26, 2013

The cowboy party

Despite the cold weather and very grey, overcast skies, the sun actually came out for about 2 - 3 hours on the kids' party day and I couldn't have been happier.

I'm obviously not posting lots of pics but these give you an idea of what went on.

This was my first time using a venue and there were definite pros and cons.

  • no clean-up from us afterward!
  • lots of space for kids to run around and play
  • no clean-up ;)

  • Such a small margin of time to set up (30 mins before) that people were there and I was still setting up
  • I didn't even use all the party printables I had, just enough to display some of the theme
  • I took practically my whole house with me (not necessary at this venue as she was super organised)
I don't think I'll have it at a venue again because I do need to realise that all our birthdays are in winter and not in summer, as in my fantasies. At home I start setting up a day or two beforehand so things are very easy on the day of the party.

Next year I need to think up winter themes that I can do inside the house (in fact I already know what i want for next year and when I saw the awful weather I was very tempted to change at the last minute) and maybe bribe the kids to run outside quickly for some pics.

I already broached the theme with the kids and Connor, especially, is dead keen!

  • Very high RSVP rate despite me not chasing up and a very high pitch rate; also it's school holidays and 6 kids were on holiday.
  • Assembling the party bags (I gave the kids a colouring book, crayons and trail mix)
  • I got most of the photos I wanted (don't have a pic of you, Laura :( and of D's uncle's wife)
  • Thank-you cards were done within a week
  • My spreadsheet is really working well. I've had the same one since their 2nd birthday (and I use for the half birthdays too) and it's so easy to copy the page, delete and add people.

Okayyyyy, onto the photos.

"give your sister a hug"
my little cowgirl and cowboy
Caren and me
look at that big smile

this is 4!
I love this pic - D's uncle and the kids

Mrs FF
Gorgeous Jack
Cat and her kids
Do you prefer your home or a venue? Why?

PS There are two types of people in the world - those who organise on a spreadsheet and those that don't. Which one are you?


  1. Looks great! So happy the sun came out for you :) We are doing a cowgirl party for Cici this weekend!

  2. Looks like so much fun! My husband always wants a venue because he hates people trampsing all through the house - I want it at home with everything at hand! He hasn't won yet, but as we approach the age of the "invite the whole class" will happen!

    1. Jess, exactly! Another one of those "things you should know if we're gonna be bffs" - I want everything at hand, not think "oh I wish I had scissors or THAT bowl or whatever" :)

  3. Such great pics! We had the twins first birthday at a park, but they were born in the summer. It was great because the kids could play on the playground equipment for entertainment.

  4. I prefer a venue where they do EVERYTHING. I don't want to take anything along, I just want to pitch up. Looks like a great party. Those cakes are pretty - did you end up making them yourself?

    1. Normal people would have been very happy to pitch because she did have everything. You literally bring your food and the cake.

      I want to customise the decor and put up all my printables, etc. so I do make it hard on myself but it makes me happy to have everything matchy-matchy :)

      No, I don't ever do cakes. We got a teacher at the kids' school to make the mini cakes (pictured) and a ton of cupcakes.

  5. If we had more space at home I would do all the parties at home. Venues, for me, are an grudge purchase. The big kids have sleep overs now with paintball/ice skating etc and that works for me now.

    We will do Jacks at the park for as long as we can :)

    I do like that you don't clean up afterwards though but not sure it is worth the price.

    I loved your venue - it was a great party!

    1. Thank you! I also love that venue. I've now been to 3 at that venue and it's lovely and not hugely expensive by venue standards.

      It's not worth the price - I used to get both Nester (maid) and nanny V/ S in on the day and it's still 4 times cheaper to pay for someone to clean up.

      I'm totally doing that next year again and you all will just have to be happy in my little house :) At least it will be "cosy" HA!

  6. This is SO funny. Could you and me be ANY more different in our approach? I think it's the n/s. Your party looks great! (and by the way, if you lived here, your kids would have a summer birthday!)

    1. I totally want to be all laidback like you but it will stress me out way too much!

      That's why I love your post so much :)

  7. These photos are just so adorable!
    I'm considering a venue party this year for Nicola...but nothing set in stone yet.

  8. Oh the venue was fantastic - it was a great party. If we had space I would do it at home but some themes call for elsewhere - like A's rhino one.

  9. Looked like everyone had a divine time. Where is that venue? Looks awesome! I've had Kade's at a venue the last two years but from next year it'll be at home cos we now have the space in our garden to have them at home :)


  10. All looks lovely! I prefer a venue because it's usually 2 hours and that's it. With home parties, people don't know when to leave and it ends up being an all day/night affair which is ridiculous! Or is that just my family and friends??

  11. Such a cute party!! I love your little cowboy/cowgirl. : )

    I like the customized party decorations, too, so we haven't done much venue-wise. The last few years have been at church (where I can pretty much do all the decorating I want), and then this year at a cafe (which is already decorated super-cute, plus she told me to feel free to do as I pleased!).

  12. My grandchildren prefer it at our house because of the huge sand pit, play area and trampoline. All we have to add is a jumping castle :-)
    Love your photos and seeing so many blog buddies.


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