Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The twins turn 4

So on their actual birthday, I mentioned before that I offered to make pancakes with chocolate chips for breakfast and the kids told me I'm being silly.

We did our usual thing instead - normal breakfast, church and then D and I decided to go by Woolworths to get some cold meats and salads for lunch.

Since it was a special day, we ate in the garden because the Sunday was gorgeous as is always the case.

Cake for dessert and then some photos for me :)

you may have seen this one on FB :)

love this angle
I'm so grateful that I can take nice pics of the kids. This camera = best investment ever (after the IVFs :)).

How do you like to celebrate birthdays?

PS favourite pic?


  1. Little GAP models in the making. Lovely pictures.

    I like to wear new things ( or at least one new thing) on my birthday. I know quite childish but it's my little tradition

  2. I love these photos! I love K's outfit, and the twins kissing their Daddy :)

  3. Gorgeous photos!

    I usually get all introspective on my I like it quiet-ish. ;-)

  4. It's late...and I'm tired...and I couldn't begin to pick a favorite picture. I love them all! And I do love that last angle, too...need to try that one. :)

    I love those babies of yours, too! Hugs to you all!!!

  5. Where did you get those tights/stockings of K's? Love them! Beautiful photos.. I WANT A CAMERA.. Boo HOO!!

  6. Such cute photos! Love their style :)

    I had the best birthday last year, just the two of us, at home, quiet day spent watching movies etc.

    This year I hear everyone asking are you having a party (it's my 30th) and I'm really thinking of "dissapearing" for the weekend ;-) Don't like all the fuss made of me. Love to do it to others but me, I want peace and quiet ;-)

  7. Adorable! I love the pic of just their legs. So sweet :)

  8. Such cute photos. Love the way Kendra wears her boots.

  9. Love the kissing one where K has the bottle in the dolls mouth :)

    We take the kids to Spur on their actual birthday - started it years ago and they look forward to it :)

  10. Kendra has a doll! I love the last pic the most.

  11. Looks like a perfectly wonderful 4th birthday! I love the pic of them kissing D. So many cute pictures of the day!!


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