Monday, July 22, 2013

Things currently on my wish list

HA! Clearly you guys don't like me being silent :)


I just read Robyn's post and decided that a nice, fun thing to do tonight would be to share my wish list.

But first, let me tell you about Mrs FF and how we became friends.

She found my blog, stayed (!) and would email me instead of commenting. Eventually we struck up a friendship.

I then arranged to meet her at our group, we did that on 16 Feb last year, and then I left her in the capable hands of our fearless leader, K, and she's been going there ever since.

Meanwhile, we've been meeting and visiting at my house and in Rosebank (a lot!) and I consider her a "proper friend" now.

Isn't that cool - all through the power of the internet.

It's Mrs FF's birthday today - she wisely decided to take off the day.

Hope you've had a wonderful day today :)


Okay, things on my wish list.

A lovely red kitchen stool.

I've told you how I have amazing internet in just one little corner of my house - in the kitchen - and often when I have to blog a lot of photos, I go stand (stand!) at that one spot, upload all the photos and post from there.

I went to visit a friend the other week and she had chairs exactly like this one, but brown. I took it for a test drive, then took pics and begged her to tell me where she got them (Mr Price Home) because I NEED one for my birthday :)

Isn't it gorgeous?
Pots from Game 

Same friend had some super cool lime-green pots. They go from the stove top to the oven. Apparently they're 3 in a set with a pan and come in 3 colours - I want turquoise :)

I can't find them if I google thought. Have you seen these pots?

A camera bag
 Jo Totes Rose Sugarplum

When I had just two lenses, my little lunch bag suited me just fine and of course, I could use the one Mandy made me when taking out just one lens on the camera. Now that I have three lenses, it's a tight squeeze.

EEk - I just saw that the yellow and green version are on sale for R549. If that's not a sign, I don't know :)

Which one do you think I should get (D and the kids to get me)?

And then, of course, there are books.

I have an Amazon wish list - for D to buy things for me.

I'll share just 4 with you that I intend to buy this year if I don't get them for my birthday.
 Product ImageProduct ImageProduct Image Product Image
Here's my amazon list.

Do you have an amazon list? What's on your list?


  1. Oh! I read A Little Salty, and it was good. Not earth-shattering, but full of good, sweet stories. I can see you loving all the southern-speak! : )

    I am not wishing for much at the moment...I am waiting to buy clothes until I lose at least a few more pounds, so I'm pretty much on a total buying freeze, I guess. I LOVE the purple camera bag though!

  2. I have the same bag but in the teal. LOVE IT. Get it!

  3. Thanks Marcia I had a wonderful day. I might make it a habit and take my birthday off going forward. Btw when I tell non-bloggers how we "met" they think I'm weird!

    The chair for sure I'll get, I'm sure in your tonnes of bags you'll have something that can double as a camera bag.

    No Amazon book list. Need to get through the many books in my house.

    1. Ps: I try to stay away from Amazon as it makes me develop "desires" and "needs" more like wants that I didn't realise I have;)

  4. That is a beautiful bag.

  5. She's always clever like that, taking days off for celebration.

  6. Lots and lots of food! I said to D I am thinking about food way too much at the moment! Nougat, chips, sushi - I want it ALL!!!

    Non-food stuff though - new hoodies - all mine decided to perish at the same time!

  7. A green one! What a beautiful bag. On my wishlist at the moment is just lots of immaterial happy things.

  8. I have a number of good friends in real life friends that I met via the blogging world. People that don't blog find it weird, but gosh, my life would be so much poored without them.

    I would say go for the yellow bag, because it is winter and yellow reminds me of summer and just makes me happy. I have no wish list at the moment and I buy books on Amazon as and when I want to read them.

  9. I have Bloom in hardcover and you are welcome to it :) email me your postal addy!


  10. Love the idea of a wish list when you're feeling down! I do have an Amazon list but it's not that interesting - mostly utilitarian things I want to buy at some point, like a garment steamer :P.

    I have the e-version of Lean In on loan from the library right now and I really need to read it before it expires :(

    I *think* the pots you're talking about might be the enameled cast iron ones by Le Creuset? They're very expensive, but great quality. There are also lots of imitations. Target and IKEA have some, I believe and you should be able to find reviews online.

  11. Gosh yes, you can't have Wordless Wednesday AND Silent Sunday!
    I DO have an Amazon wishlist that I email to Lance once in a while. And I have another spreadsheet wishlist which I need to add to the Amazon one. Must actually do a proper wish-list for the blog. My Mom has similar chairs to that one and they are DIVINE to sit on.


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