Thursday, July 11, 2013

Things you should know if we're gonna be BFFs - part 1

these babies make me SO happy!

So a million years ago I saw a cute post on Jess's blog and told her I'd do it too.

Well, one month and 6 days later is quick for me these days.

Yesterday someone told me I should go easy with the rest of my life because work is so new and needs focus. But.... the rest of my life is successful that's why I have to keep doing what's working, right? (I do realise I totally sound like a control freak!)

Moving on.

D and I bought these plates in NYC at Duane Reade (my favourite little haunts!) for $1 each. Best $2 we ever spent. The kids LOVE them and we mostly only use on the weekends so they're always a treat.

Things you should know if we're gonna be BFFs:
  1. I'm intensely loyal. Once I trust you, I have your back.
  2. My favourite sandwiches are cheese and tomato on brown.
  3. I don't mind trying new restaurants but I usually order the same things - if Thai, a mussamen curry, if pasta, a fettucine alfredo or something creamy like chicken and spinach.I just can't see the point of PAYING to be disappointed.
  4. Of course you know my favourite drink is water with lemon, and after that tea :)
  5. I need weight on me when I sleep, even in summer. I like to sleep with at least a duvet over me.
  6. I can't have pedicures - the thought of people touching my feet freaks me out. Also, I'm super ticklish.
  7. I don't listen to the radio for music, only for the talk. If I want to hear music in my car, I listen to CDs.
  8. Julia asked the other day about music... and I said I have 3 CDs in my car - UB40, Billy Joel and The Plain Truth (Only One God) - too lazy/ busy to exchange CDs so I've been rotating those 3 for 3 months  - need to add to that life admin list.
  9. I really like starting my day worshipping God in my car. Praise and Worship + grey skies = BLISS!
  10. I love wearing gloves. I have about 10 pairs....

I think that's enough for now.

There's enough randomness in my head to go a round 2 and round 3 :)

I bought them real cutlery for their birthday - they were THRILLED to be "big kids"

Who's up for it?

Do on your blog or in the comments :)

And now, I need to pack for my HOLIDAY!!! I had this bright idea that the kids should share one (hand luggage-sized suitcase) and we should share another - don't think it's going to work but let's give it a bash.


  1. Interesting inside info.

    Numbers 1, 4. 5 and 7 are true for me too. I love water with ice. I chew ice even in winter ;) My sis can't understand why i listen to talk, all I know is that it's addictive

  2. Ps: lovely picture of you and K

  3. oohhh blog fodder :) Love it! Jack has started eating with a spoon, fork AND knife. He can not eat ANYTHING unless he has all 3 utensils with him :)

  4. Mmm...

    1) I usually try all sorts of things on any given menu - until I find something I don't like, then I pick a few favourites and stick to them.
    2) I also need weight on me when I sleep, and I've noticed that I need to have my ears covered, but not my face for the best sleep. Also I always sleep facing the door.
    3)I like the idea of gloves, but I don't like wearing them - interferes with writing and smoking. Come to think of it, I don't even like anything touching my wrists either - whatever I'm wearing usually gets pushed up if I can do it.
    4) If you see me, I'll either be in a talkative mood or a mood for listening - hardly ever both together.
    5) I like to be a bit ridiculous at times.

  5. love this! :) maybe i'll do it!!!

  6. 1. We would get on well, I am also intensely loyal.
    2. Mine is also cheese and tomato but on white.
    3. I tend to have a fillet steak or chicken dish, not very adventurous.
    4. Coffee and apple juice.
    5. I also need weight on me but hate it when DH throws his portion of duvet over me too.
    6. I love pedicures and feet rubs.
    7. I have 5th Avenue North and Michael W Smith in my CD player, I love worship music.

  7. You need to sort out the iPod on your phone... then you won't just have 3 CD's ;)
    Think I'll do this on my blog

  8. This is fun- I might need to do this :)


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