Monday, July 08, 2013

Ugh, life admin

I thought I'd make a list of things I need to do in the way of life admin.

  1. pay the school for all the days Connor stayed for the full day
  2. pay Kendra's dance exams
  3. renew car licence
  4. make Connor's paed appt
  5. make my gynae appt
  6. get bloods done
  7. make dental appt
  8. finalise June financials
  9. make packing lists
  10. pack for trip
  11. organise valet parking
  12. colour my hair
  13. book Brazilian hair treatment
  14. finish thank-you cards - I did 14 tonight, 4 more to go
  15. buy stamps
  16. unpack all the party decor in the study.....
  17. phone places I have in mind for my birthday tea/ lunch
  18. complain to Daddy's deals about a product I bought that is inferior
  19. tidy my desk
  20. return one of K's presents for a bigger size (gorgeous little pink jacket but it fits perfectly right now and I want her to have it for next year)

I feel like I need to take a day's leave and just knock them all out.......... sounds heavenly at the moment.

Do you do your life admin a few things a week, as soon as it crops up or when it's crisis time?

Want to add your list in the comments?

PS at least I got my watch strap and battery replaced, and I deposited an Amazon cheque that's been sitting on my desk for nearly 3 months


  1. What a long list but it helps to have a visual aid. It depends on what needs to be done though usually these days my admin revolves around getting up to date statements from FIL's bills , which btw seems like it's never ending :( and these I do a few everyday I love crossing things off my to do list.

    I hate getting to crisis mode because then I panic and get nothing done

  2. It depends how important it is. Often I will wait until Jack is with his gran and then spend the day/morning crossing things off - its just quicker that way!

  3. I put them off as long as possible then spend a cranky evening doing them. The one thing I like about it is that wonderful feeling of crossing things off a list!

  4. I had to take a days leave a couple of weeks ago to get all my admin stuff done as well. I generally let it pile up then hit it all at once.

  5. Oi yes! Lots to do. I can not believe Kendra is dancing her first exams! Wow. I did heaps of these terrible admin things last month - now its one car license, fix A's signet ring that bent, get batteries for a watch, have L's primary glasses fixed.

  6. Taking off a day for this list, I would do that. For sure.

  7. 1. I need to meet my secret deadline tomorrow
    2. There are almost 20 reports that I have to type up before two of the team members f-off into the sunset end of the month
    3. I need to start looking at a bigger place for us to live
    4. I took a day's leave for the 19th to go to ANOTHER open day thing at N's school and we'll be taking another run at the dentist that same day (that has to classify as an adventure)
    5. I have to organise three farewell's for end of the month
    6. I have to book hair and nail appointments for me and my mom a week and two weeks before the wedding
    7. I need to find out how my gran's doing at the old age home where she started today
    8. I need to have a solid think about my parents' finances after what I heard last week
    9. I need to go collect the post sometime this week
    10. I need to do some extra counting work with N somewhere along the line
    11. I really need a nap because I'm still not feeling very well

  8. Ugh. I hate when my real life tasks get in the way. I try to do these things as they come up. Occasionally I take a day off to resolve a few things. Especially stuff that takes more than the lunch hour. I actually have a post in drafts about my lunch hour. Must publish next week.

    This is my immediate list:

    Renew drivers licence
    Go and check out Joel’s current set-up with a view to making a decision about next year.
    Submit tax return

  9. I try to keep up but I'm always behind. Sleep has become more important to me that keeping up, which is horrible, I know.

  10. I did some work in the house last night (primarily laundry), but I had to give myself some time to chill out (and work on my photo book!). I was really hoping for some "life admin" time today. I was going to ask J to take the girls for a ride or something, at least for an hour. He had to mow the grass, though, so that didn't materialize. I may try again counters are not clean, and it's driving me BATTY!

  11. I'm flying by the seat of my pants this month. I'm loving not living by my list. I'm not nearly as productive but it's nice to take a break.

    I fully support you taking a week to knock off your list. :)

    I COMPLETELY forgot about their 4 year check-ups! Mom fail!

  12. How wonderfully and carefully you have made the list. Hope nothing is missing. You really need to take leave to do all this. Thanks for sharing the post.

    B&B Brugge

  13. It depends on importance. I try to get things out of the way as soon as possible, otherwise it tends to become overwhelming. I don't need more stress ;-)

  14. I have always been a huge procrastinator and don't do anything until the last minute.


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