Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week in review through my iphone

Very lazy to add text to number each photo so just start top left and read line by line :)

  1. Presents for friends
  2. My lovely children in their winter ponchos
  3. Divine turquoise door
  4. At the Spur (normally I hate the Spur but free food for kids on Wed!)
  5. On my way to my interview
  6. K lying on my lap
  7. C next to me (our winter traditions)
  8. Gorgeous view at work on Fridays
  9. Hot chocolate
  10. Little green shoots on a tree in my garden - spring has sprung?
  11. Our first French plait
  12. Future teenager
  13. Breakfast this morning
  14. Sunset tonight
  15. Tree at the gym (don't think I'm virtuous, I totally went just to swipe!)
  16. Connor decluttering his artwork

I've been trying to get back to my old, good habits of batch-blogging on my organising blog.

Hasn't quite worked but at least tomorrow's post is up.

In other news, I've got a bee in my bonnet and I'm switching the kids' room and my study around.

That would have been the sensible thing to do while I was pregnant but I had zero energy to do anything extra then. More than four years later, I'm finally onto it though :)

Also, with me, once I decide on something, I go for it full-force, so I planned the whole thing on graph paper (to scale!) with little cardboard cut-outs for all the furniture :) It must be this current role that's making me so OCD...

I have someone coming on Tuesday to help Nanny S with moving some of the things, and she and I will do the switch of shelf contents. I'm dreading it but on the bright side, it's an opportunity to properly sort and organise, right?

Have a wonderful week!

My John Grisham is calling my name.

What are you looking forward to this week?

PS I can't wait for tomorrow - I get my Brazilian Treatment - two months later but I'm doing it. 


  1. I actually want to swap Kiara and Cameron's rooom because her room is bigger but each room has a feature wall - his is blue and hers is pink AND if baby is a girl then it won't really make sense but I still think it will work better!

    We did clear out both rooms this week and they both actually have a lot of space in their cupboards!

  2. Moving things around can be great fun - once it's all done! ;-)

    This week I'm looking forward to having all the resigners actually leave, they're just kind of hanging around like a bad joke at the moment. No work being done, just hanging about...and they all seem to want me to entertain them!

    Also I get to see you this weekend for your happy birthday! :-)

  3. Sounds like a good plan to move the things around - I did zero decluttering this weekend (things were busy) and next Saturday is a mess as you know but I do want to get the whole family to rest on Sunday and have a formal rest day

  4. I am getting annoyed with my house. Have a lot we've not unpacked cos it's all just going to have to be repacked when we do our renovations but the boxes are ANNOYING me!

    *breathe in breathe out*

  5. Doing an 8km walk on Saturday. Fingers crossed ;)

  6. You sound busy. I don't have energy for any changes right now.


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