Sunday, July 07, 2013

Winter birthdays and a Sunday birthday round-up

The official party post will have to wait for another day but bottom line... it was a success, at least in my books. Everybody came (there were two who didn't but they were sick) and it looked like people had fun.

I do have a whole other "lessons learnt" posts, mainly that I need to let go of the fantasy that it'll be sunny (like a typical winter's day) and kind-of warm on their birthday and just plan an inside party.

What do you guys do who have kids with winter birthdays?

this is 4 - they told me this is their "style" and as you know, I fight about manners, not about clothes :)

And then a hodge-podge of things running around my head:

I seem to be addicted to Milky Bar. I baked some cowboy and cowgirl cookies for the kids' classmates (I asked them, "Babies, what do you want to take to school for your birthday and they shouted, "BISCUITS" and I only make cowboy cookies or oatmeal cookies. These ones seemed ever slightly more fun) and how I differentiated them was one with brown chocolate bits and one with white chocolate bits. When I bought the Milky Bars I bought extra... bad mistake. They are SO yummy. I keep forgetting. By the way, Connor is taking the white chocolate ones and Kendra the brown chocolate ones. As he told me, cowboys LOVE white chocolate :)

My study is a complete mess of presents and wrapping paper/ bags. I'm too scared to pack the things away in case I miss out on a thank-you card. I will make a proper list tomorrow but about half way through the day today, the kids just went wild and I couldn't keep up with the writing and supervising and taking pics, so I decided to just take pics and rely on my shoddy memory.

My kids are now also hoarders. When I tried to toss wrapping paper, they (Connor) were all, "NOOOOO Mummy, I want to cut out those ____________ (dinosaurs, cars, etc.)"

We asked the kids what they wanted to do today on their birthday and they said, "open presents"! I suggested making them special pancakes (crepes) with chocolate bits (still have some over from the cowboy cookies) for breakfast and Connor told me, "Mummy, don't be silly, we can't have pancakes for breakfast" and he wouldn't be swayed. He was serious because breakfast always equals cereals and a fruit, and then maybe a slice of toast.

We went to church, stopped at Woolworths for "fun food" and then had lunch outside because of course, today was gorgeous! And then we had a little photoshoot. D saw me getting frustrated because I've created a little diva photographer who now tells ME where he wants me, K and D, and so D bribed them with jellybeans (2 each since it's their birthday :)) and I ended up getting some lovely pics! Can I just say again how that camera is THE best money I ever spent? I'm getting such gorgeous pics of mine and other people's kids and buildings and and and it brings me COMPLETE joy that I created those pics with my eye :)

I need to go pack my bag and lunch for tomorrow now because I've not given work a backward glance since Friday 12 pm!

How was your weekend?


  1. Hahaha, you know Sunday when I peeped outside i thought to myself - now why couldn't Saturday have looked like this?!

    It seems you have aknack for hitting that one truly overcast/windy/cold winter's day every year for the party - I think indoor planning is probably a good idea. ;-)

    I'll mail you about Thursday, but it looks pretty good on this end for that quick catch-up and so that I can give you the presents we bought and made up.

    As you know, my terrorist is a solidly summer baby, but I am winter - as a kid we used to either have my party inside my parents garage because it was too cold outside...we once went ten pin bowling, I tried a couple of braais but it was freezing! And as a teenager we had a couple of dance parties and so on, but I don't think you're there yet.

  2. As you know Kade has a winter birthday as well, so I try ensure if I book a venue that it has inside and outside option cos then if it's cold ppl can at least sit inside and stay warm. From next year parties will be at home (we now have the space) and we'll make it work inside or outside.

    Glad it was such a success (but I had no doubt it would be)


  3. Fortunately we live in SA and in a province that doesn't have winter rain - so I have had all of Cameron and now Jacks birthdays outside :)

    We had a good weekend!!

  4. LOL about transforming into a Diva photographer - now that is just fun for us and yes, frustrating for our partners :)
    I am glad the party was a success and that everyone enjoyed it. My daughter also have a Winter birthday and if I do decide to throw her a party next year, it will be an indoor one. This way I don't have to worry about the weather. So maybe do that for your two?

  5. In PE you know that nothing outdoors can be arranged in winter. I am so glad it was a huge success.

  6. So glad your party went well. I battle mainly with Joshua because he wants outdoor things. I have suggested before that we postpone his party to later in the year but he's not keen. There was a time when I was inviting some kids over during the summer for a "gathering" and then I would get jumping castle and we would do a braai. That seems to have faded so I think I will have to re-introduce. The easiest is to use a venue. When they are older you do dinners. My Mom used to do dinners for me when it was my birthday. My weekend was busy and relaxed and I spent all of it indoors. Gosh, I have not had milky bar for ages! Must rectify that ASAP.

  7. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday day! I actually really like not having the girls' party on their birthday...that feels like such a special, sacred day to me...I don't want to share it! :)

  8. And so glad you didn't give work any thought, either. You needed and deserved that!!!

  9. The sun came out just in time to make the day even more fun. And Kendra's outfit in the first picture is too damn cute. LOL at you little hoarder and mr prim and proper :)

  10. I adore their style! LOVE K's tights. Bacon is my first winter baby- so I'll see how the whole birthday thing goes when it comes around!


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