Sunday, August 18, 2013

{15 minutes in my life} Seen around the city

A few weeks ago we had a meeting mid-morning at our head office so I jumped in the car with a colleague so I could take photos while she drove :)

It was such a treat for me.

did you notice the whole country stopped talking about Madiba after his birthday?

I hate this intersection - it is SO busy. I always choose another way rather than navigate this crazy.

going back to the CBD through Braamfontein

my favourite of this set

I love this pink building
Pritchard Street

Which is your favourite pic?

Do you ever get to take photos while someone else is driving?

I love it! Must do more often :)


  1. I love the peek around your city! That pink building is very neat, and I like the colored windows (?) on the Revlon cool! That antelope (?) sculpture is awesome.

  2. Love how you see the city :)

  3. Love the bridge pic, too!

  4. I do love that antelope sculpture. Can I confess that I *HATE* taking pictures in the car? I'm never fast enough or I will catch a glare from the window and it will ruin it for me. There is also the pain of the huge lens hitting the window and bouncing into my face. Can't forget that gem!

  5. That is a very puzzling cow sculpture! I think here nearby is a similar pigeon one, and all the pigeons flok to it in the mornings. I saw it one morning driving with a colleague but I can't remember exactly where it is or I'd go back for a photo.

    Lots of blue skies in this batch. :-)

  6. I love the bridge photo. Maybe everybody stopped talking about Madiba because they have come to acceptance that he is just kept alive by machines...and wondering how long this will continue...such an undignified way for such a dignified man.

  7. i really love to be able to see what it looks like where you live. what fun!! :) i love the bridge picture and peaking at the advertisements. (they look so different from where i am!!)

  8. Pretty. Amazing the things we notice when we just look intently


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