Sunday, August 04, 2013

{15 minutes in my life} The Sunday afternoon version

You guys seemed to like the last 15 minutes in my life post so I thought I'd do one on a Sunday afternoon :)

This series of photos was taken last week, just before the big switch-over of rooms.

The light in my old study (now the kids' room) is just gorgeous so I take pics of their school stuff and any photos for the blogs - the organising blog and this one :)

I finally threw out my leaves so had a little photoshoot for them :)
insects week at school
my latest favourite weekend breakfast - toasted hot cross bun with cheese, and tea. I don't have any toast during the week so I actually crave it on the weekends...
Connor cutting with his left-handed scissors.
this time with the zoom lens - I can just feel the crunch!
isn't this blue perfect?!
playing with shadows...
and some sibling love
What do you get up to on a Sunday afternoon?


  1. Nothing. I made a big lunch, we ate and then took the dog to the park :)

  2. Love these pics. Yes, can feel the crunch!

    We went for a picnic down at the Gubu Dam. Glorious. Then back home to finish up prepping for the week.

    Have a good week x

  3. Love your photos...the last one is my fave.

  4. Our Sunday afternoon was spent drinking coffee (tea for me) in the sun on our new patio with my Mom and sister after we had served at Kids Church, playing in our new HUGE garden with Kade and chilling :) THE best way to spend a Sunday afternoon ;)


  5. Damnit! Now I'm craving hot cross buns!

  6. Hot cross buns make me think of Easter. I agree I can feel the crunch in that gorgeous blue bowl

  7. We had a day of rest and it was truly wonderful and much needed after the hectic saturday

  8. Your snack is making me feel very hungry right now! ;-)
    Looks yummy...


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