Monday, August 26, 2013

A very welcome gift

I'm back at "home base" every Friday which is in itself an absolute treat - internet, wifi, a beautiful building with gorgeous views, FRIENDS, coffee shop, etc.

The other day when I walked in, I found a parcel on my desk.

Recognised the handwriting and ripped it open to find a birthday gift from Mandy.

Oh, Mandy, you know my heart.

I squealed, put on the snood and I wore it the whole day! And other days since it has been cold enough to wear it.


the Miss Marcia always makes me smile

I've been put in charge of organising a farewell gift for my colleague who leaves on Friday. She's an ISTP.

I'm thinking of either an @Home/ Home, etc voucher (she moves into a new home this weekend) or a wallet & cell phone case, both of which she needs.

Are there any ISTPs reading? 
Which would you prefer?


  1. I'm having a little sinking spell this afternoon (as my mom used to say), and so I popped over to your blog to find some distraction. Thank you for the huge smile! :) :) I can just picture your squeal. :)

    Love to you, my friend!!!

  2. I actually want to cry at the beauty of those cards! I MUST get my create on TODAY!!! Well done Miss Mandy :))

    I am not sure what an ISTP is? I tried to do the test the other day but your links weren't taking me there - will try again!

    I am all about the gifts but if she has just moved the voucher is a nice idea with maybe a bunch of flowers?

  3. Oh wow, not only is the snood magic but those cards are stunning

    And seeing she is moving - home voucher would get my bet! (and I still have never taken that test!)

  4. Marcia, is there someone on line that i can do the MBTI? I know what I am, and what Dean is, but would like to do D. Can you suggest? I used to have the quick forms, but since leaving CT have no access to them anymore. Any suggestions?

    LOVE the cards!

  5. Hehehe @ Miss Marcia. Suits you! ;-)

    I'd go with the @Home voucher too.

  6. Miss Marcia, the cards are lovely and the snood, love the colour!!! Thanks Miss Mandy

    I need to redo that test can't for the life of me remember what I was, can you guess I didn't take it serious when I did it a few years ago.

    While I normally don't like gift vouchers (too impersonal, I usually try to snoop to find out what someone needs or likes), it might be a good idea (except you know something she really needs) since she is moving house and some flowers like Laura suggested. Or a shopping mall voucher where she can then get either an item for the house or a wallet or cell phone case (win win)

  7. Oh Miss Marcia....the snood and the cards are heartwarming. xoxo


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