Saturday, August 31, 2013

And... that was August

Well now, we had the iciest day ever. Absolutely freezing cold. FREEZING.

As a result, whiny kids at the zoo (well, one!).

To be fair, it really was quite unpleasant in that cold wind so I did what I do - I took pics of the things that were very pretty, like the absolutely gorgeous blue skies.

It seems like the colder it gets, the bluer those skies are.

As always, I feel SOOOO sorry both for people who are homeless and for those who can't afford proper heating and warm clothes.

But the good news is.....

I got 94% for my August goals.

Guys, I'm living proof that goal-setting works... even if only on the subconscious level.

I wrote that list, printed it and put it in my flipfile on the 5th Aug.

Sadly, only looked at it once and then didn't look at it again until tonight.

To be honest, I thought I was going to have 20% but as I went through the list with my trusty (yellow) highlighter, I got more and more excited.

94% - WOOHOO! And I didn't even count the extra 8 photo things I got done.

The best thing that happened this month aside from me turning 39 was me getting....10 photo projects done. By photo project I mean 1) 2012 photos Kendra, 2) 2012 photos Connor, etc. Have a few frames still to fill and 4 albums' Aug 2013 pics to complete and then will be totally up to date.

And we all know the worst thing that happened which we shall not name anymore since we've moved on :)

But enough of me, how was your August?

PS I have no age issues. The alternative to celebrating additional years is much worse!


  1. My August was... awful... quit work as a result of terrible harassment, having problems with friends, blah. Hopefully it'll all change once September hits! Where do you live? I'd love to be somewhere cold right now! Here in Maryland it's 90 degrees :P

  2. It was absolutely freezing today!! Glad I planned ahead and made a proper supper for tonight to warm everyone up!
    Wow at the goals!

  3. Well! After you gave me those papers I sat down and made a to do list for August! And I managed 80% of it - there were 5 items I added on late in the month and they need time (making curtains) so I have put them onto Septembers one! But I am chuffed! I have my recipes for September in the file with goals!

    We were about 2 hours outside Pretoria yesterday and there was no cold front there :) It was a beautiful day!

  4. Wind aside I loved the cold weather . Made doing the women's race very pleasant. Usually the weather gets blistering hot but this year it was just perfect.

    August flew by seems like the month started yesterday and now it's September already.

    Hope you had a good weekend?

  5. Well done on the goals!!

    My August was not WOW, but nothing bad either...

    It was icy cold...shops were nice and cool ;-)

  6. I am amazed at all your photo projects! I know you're in picture heaven these days! :)

    When I read about your goals, I just keep thinking how great it is that you can focus on these things outside of your less-than-ideal work situation. I know that has to help you keep your head in the clear.

    Congrats on an awesome August! :) :)

  7. Despite everything going on in your life, you've done REALLY well this past month. You're fabulous - you know that?
    My August started off rough. There was a fair amount of fear and anxiety when I got a health scare but actually, I think that it may have been the best thing that could have happened because I finally have the whip-cracker that I need. I LOVED this past winter - am about to blog about it.

  8. It was cold. I know because I was there :-)
    Well done on the goals.


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