Saturday, August 03, 2013

August!!! My birthday month

Today I had lunch with 6 friends to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

It was great - I got to speak to each person there which is not always possible in a group.

I actually enjoyed myself so much I'm thinking it should be more regular :)

And they brought stuff for my Santa Shoebox project instead of presents for me so I'm SUPER stoked. I have a nice collection going on - I could start 5 of the boxes now :)

No photos of people were taken because it was a dark restaurant (really dark) but the food and company were both wonderful.

this baby and I were fighting a bit today - normal 4-year-old behaviour - but I miss her :)

Before I get into August, let's finish with July.

Surprisingly, despite the breakdown, I achieved 89% of my July goals.

I'm most proud of whittling down that enormous life admin list to just 2 items. I think I got it sorted because I wrote it down.

There's such comfort in writing a list and crossing off the items, don't you find? :)

I'm also really chuffed that I finally made Joy the Baker's famous cinnamon pull-apart bread (see my Pinterest baking board ----->). I kept a section of the dough to use for lemon pull-apart bread so I killed two birds with one stone.

It was indeed delicious but WAY too much work for a lazy baker like me. Mix all the bits and pieces together, leave for an hour, roll and all that, then bake for another 30 minutes. My word! Also, it was a lesson in planning for me... I had the bright idea to "whip it up" for D's birthday at 8pm so I ended up in the COLD kitchen for hours that Friday night. 

Something else that happened is I switched around the kids' room and the study.... on a whim early this week so now we have a bed in the sunroom.... It was a huge amount of work over two days but it's DONE. 4 years late but DONE!

One day when I'm in the mood I'll take some photos...

somewhere in the CBD - 12 Jan 2013

And now, August.

I wrote my list on Wednesday night so two are already done.

1.     TRUST God
2.    Have a good attitude and do amazing work
3.    Focus on the job I want to have

Fun and relaxation
4.    Read lots of lovely books (at least 5) and delete 10 samples from Kindle
5.    Write birthday list for the next year
6.    Cook two new things from Pinterest boards
7.    10 random acts of kindness J

Health and fitness
8.    Get to gym at least 10 times to work out.
9.    Go to Weigh-Less every Saturday

10.  Two dates with D
11.   Date with each child
12.  Fun thing as a family
13.  Do night church
14.  Post to K & C blog 10 times

15.  Finish July photos
16.  Project Life for July and photos!
17.  Play with Elevate the Ordinary 3 lessons
18.  Replace big frame for kids’ photos (broken while switching bedrooms)
19.  Order canvases

20. Lunch with friends for birthday
21.  Lunch with Lucy
22. J’s party
23. H & E’s party
24. Photo walk with Louisa (Bank City?) and perhaps Hayley?
25. Lunch with Sam C-Y

26. July financials
27. Write 15 blogs
28. Write newsletter
29. Have sale to celebrate birthday
30. Load 31 days book on Kindle (it’s ready!)

What, if anything, is on your list for August?

PS the list is in my handwriting font :)


  1. Impressive list as always. I seriously don't know how you get so much done

    Start shopping and get photos taken. I owe you a response on that

  2. I desperately want to make cinnamon buns/bread but all the recipes just seem like too much admin but I love cinnamon!!!

    I am actually working on a few lists :-p Now that I am over the worst of the 1st trimester and feel human again I can start facing the reality that we are having a FOURTH baby and things need to get organised around here!

  3. Sounds like you had a great lunch! That's lovely. This month I need to do A LOT of admin catch up. I usually neglect these things in winter in favour of getting into bed and reading.
    I also need to finalise a school plan for Joel. AND I need to get my health and weight and exercise routine back on track.

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing lunch for your birthday!
    I'm too scared to write a list ;) I have enough photography and work to-do-lists to keep me busy.

  5. So many wonderful things going on, Marcia! I love the gift of time with friends that you gave yourself...beautiful! And YaY for switching around your rooms...better late than never!

  6. (continued...ugh!!!)

    Sorry you were "off" a bit with K. I know that feeling these days, as you know. That's why you'll see me posting happy pictures on my FB page. THAT'S what I want to see when I think about my girls. And I completely understand the "missing them", too.

    On that note, I'm glad you reminded me about the mid-year crazies. Maybe that's it. I sure hope so. Between that and the school-year routine starting up again in a couple of weeks, I pray that this phase is short-lived.

    Thinking about your awesomely high percentage of July goals you met, even amid your workplace unhappiness...maybe that's part of what's driving you to get so much out of your non-work time. I know it's a million miles from "ideal", but I'm glad you're not letting the work misery ruin your time away from work.

    Hugs to you and best wishes for an awesome birthday month!!! :) :)

  7. So glad you had a wonderful birthday lunch. Your list is very impressive...but I AM NOT GOING THERE. LOL! I will continue to do things as they come up...that exhausts me enough already.

  8. The lunch sounded like a lot of fun! I recently had a girls dinner out with two close friends and it was SO divine! LOVE that I made your official GOAL LIST :)


  9. I love your goals for August and glad you enjoyed the lunch with 6 of your friends. Gym is on my list but mostly, try to stick to the diet that I was given. It is so HARD.

  10. That sunset behind you girls is beautiful!


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