Friday, August 02, 2013

Bits and bobs on a Friday night

I started my weekend at 3:30 today because our teambuilding finished early and I didn't go for drinks.

For those who've asked, this is corporate. The wheels turn quite slowly... so no, I've heard nothing yet about that job.

I've had a number of cold sores on my upper lip for TWO FULL WEEKS. Does anyone else suffer with cold sores? What do you use to fix them? I use Acitop but is there something else that works better and faster?

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with some friends at a restaurant to celebrate my birthday. I can't wait :)

And I just got a notification from Amazon that my MIL bought me Lean In for my birthday - woohoo! Love it :)

Speaking of reading, this month I'm going to read lots of books, whatever takes my fancy. I can't wait for that either.

I'm so tired. Last week we started on the 7.45 start time and it stresses me out so much having to be at work so early... and therefore having no control over the traffic. And I drive past two schools on the way in which reduces the two lanes to just one because of all the cars pulled over to drop off kids. Oy!

Thing is last week I was feeling like I could do this - not staying in this role, but enduring the start time. And this week there were just too many things with traffic. I was late every single day. I'm over it!

However, two people mentioned to me this week that I seem quite chipper and happy. I am feeling better - I haven't cried since the breakdown episode - but I also wouldn't say I'm happy.

(When I post things like this, sometimes people say nothing but "so glad you're better" and it honestly bugs me a bit because it feels like everything else I wrote is ignored but that little snippet. Does this make sense?)

And the tiredness? Partly not enough sleep, partly it's exhausting acting like you're totally "there" and invested!

Nevertheless, onwards and upwards. I'm really enjoying these two babies at the moment - they're clearly in equilibrium!

Last week, on D's birthday, we went to a friend's little boy's birthday party in the morning. I got STUNNING pics with my zoom lens. They deserve a separate post but let me just say, my zoom lens has allowed me to capture my and other people's kids naturally for the past 18 months and I seriously love it!

Here are some pics from that party. Don't you love the mother love pics?

And then last, but not least, you've all read my cowboy party post, right? Now go read Claudia's party post.


Especially how different we are. Claudia's an INTJ like D, by the way.

So what are you looking forward to this weekend?

PS I'll post August goals tomorrow.


  1. You do know that cold sores are stress related, yes? It's also a sign that your immune system is run-down so I'm glad you are having a great time after hours! I don't get them but my friend who does usually talks about something called Dynexan. I think. It's expensive but works quickly. This weekend we'll potter at home, do some study work and Sunday is swimming. I may do a quick run afterwards and then jump back into the pool, but we'll see.

  2. I just read Claudia's post. That is soooooo me!

  3. Hope lunch was good and you had a fun time with friends

  4. I have been lucky enough to never get cold sores so I have no words of wisdom!

    Lunch was so great yesterday :))

  5. I also tend to get cold sores when I stress and they are always on my upper lip. I use Acitop and teatree oil. I also found that using Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment works like a charm.

  6. Cold sores - I used to use Virobus but they no longer make it - now I use Acitop as well but it takes ages to work. Get a Vitamin B jab - you need to boost your immune system pronto!


  7. I had a great time at your birthday lunch, Marcia - thanks for inviting me! :-)
    I haven't had a cold sore in forever, so I have no idea what to put on one, sorry...

  8. I have a zoom lens but I don't use it nearly enough. I don't use my camera enough either- I rarely pull it out and instead just grab my phone.


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