Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coping without Nanny S

This week the photo crazy has continued. #epsonmomsrock
I've been to CNA 4 times now and each time I've bought 3 packs of photo paper.... yes, over 600 photos have been printed and the printer ink is now done.

I'm waiting for the lady to come refill "my printer" so I can finish August.

BTW, scored points with the MIL because I printed a few pics of the kids for her ;)
It's been AMAZING having a photo printer so willing and able to just print anything I want.
I am about 30 minutes away from totally up to date and it feels fabulous.
That's how I've been rewarding myself at night...

Our routine without Nanny S has been a bit crazy. But we can do it (I didn't doubt it) if we relax about a later bedtime with the kids.

I gave everyone a talk on the weekend - that we ALL have to do extra - so the kids pack the dishes away while I clean the kitchen and do supper/ pack lunch, and then they each bring me a laundry basket, we sort, load the machine and one kid puts the washing powder and one kid does the vinegar (I use 1/4 cup of vinegar in place of fabric softener... no, it doesn't make your clothes smell like anything except "clean"), we then shower/ bath, dress, story, pray and bed. And then we eat and hang out laundry.

We have eaten out twice though (at the S.pur) and now I'm done for the year (I kind of hate it there...).

The laundry every night is kind-of doing my head in. It's never-ending..... I can't stand dirty piles so I'm putting in a load every night after work. Strangely, I don't mind piles of clean, folded laundry in the laundry area...
And with that, I have a load ready to hang out.

What's your worst chore?

Here are some more of the photo pages.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous books, Marcia! (And you know I love one set in particular! [HUGE SMILE!])

    I was browsing (SQUEE!) the craft store today and saw the most beautiful packs of paper with a PL feel to them...on clearance! I didn't get them...but seeing your gorgeous things makes me want to go back and pick them up.

    Our girls LOVE to help...most of the time. It's a huge "treat" to them to help unload the dishwasher or fold clothes. Sometimes they balk, but they usually get so excited. :)

    Hugs to you!!!

  2. My worst chore - ironing!!! After a ironing a shirt or two my arms gets tired.

    Glad you are coping without the nanny S

    The blue albums are gorgeous.

  3. Oh man I am SO jealous of that printer! I have a folder of photos to be printed for scrapbooking and an album!

    My worst chore? Folding the washing! The washing in general NEVER ends but this week I seem to be one step ahead only because as soon as it comes off the line I fold and pack away!

  4. Love it! I think you're going to have to add that printer to your Christmas list ;)

  5. I am so jealous of your photo printing - they all look amazing, my fav is the one where Kendra is giving Connor a big smooch.

    I hate ironing...seriously. Not dislike, not slightly less than adore - HATE! In winter our washing is obviously a lot more than in summer. In summer I can get away with two loads a week, in winter more than double that - makes no sense. I wash and dry and chuck in a laundry basket. On Wednesday when we visit my folks I drop off the basket and Martha, my mom's helper irons it for me. Friday night I usually go pick it up again, all neatly ironed and ready to be put away.

    In December when she goes on leave I just chuck everything in the tumble drier for a few minutes before we want to put it on and that'll have to do.

    I'm also not mad about washing curtains and getting them up and down to do so either. What a schlep! Of course, I need to do exactly that soonish, but I think I'll leave it till after we come back from Balitto.

  6. We also do a load every night, I honestly don't know where all the washing comes from... Tonight is cleaning and ironing night for me, hubby is working monthend usual Friday late night....

    I try to get the cleaning and washing done during the week, but mostly still sit with lots to do on a weekend...

    Hope Nanny S comes back soon :-)

    Oh and between us, I don't do Spur a lot either, the sticky tables is enough to put me off food for a week, but we do it for the little ones in the family ;-)

  7. The chore I least like is generally unloading the dishwasher...although that's gotten TONS better since I stopped using so much plastic with the girls. With the exception of these little snack bowls -- which are simple to wash -- they eat and drink from regular plates and cups. Hallelujah! I actually like to fold laundry (because I love nice neat piles!), but it does get to me after a bit. That's something that falls on my shoulders...and eventually it starts to grate on me at times that J is propped up, relaxing at the end of the day while I am folding for 30 minutes. I do occasionally fold during the day and get the girls involved. I have to sacrifice my beautiful piles a bit, but they think it's FUN! And it keeps me from having so much work at night. :)

  8. I am totally the same as you with laundry - clean laundry is fine - dirty not! Hence we do almost every day even weekends although I have a 13kg machine.

    I am sure I will adore a photo printer. And I totally hate the S.pur! Were there Saturday night and I can not even stomach a burger any more.

  9. Gosh, I think I need that printer. My most hated chore is ironing.


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