Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dylan's party and my lovely zoom lens

One of the things that make me very, very happy is my zoom lens.

It allows me to take photos of the kids without having a camera right in their face. This means they're unaware and so I get beautifully unposed pics, just them exactly as they are, with their normal expressions.

This was Dylan's party. Some of you met him at my kids' party with my "lovely friend, Linda" - that's how I refer to her because she is the nicest person you will ever meet. Honestly.

I also got amazing photos of her laughing - she's very laid back and chilled so you'll almost never see strong emotion and that's why I love the set of photos so much :)

The non-zoom photos are evident because those are the ones of my kids being 4!

R used to work with Linda - I met these two in the pause area (as I do all my work socialising there :)) both our departments shared. R has been away from our company for about 4.5 years already but of course since seeing her, I've made a lunch date for next week!

I love this framing

birthday boy
my lovely friend, Linda :)

my favourite, favourite picture!
looking lovingly at her boy

R and her baby (3rd kid) - time flies!

I love you too, Pumpkins!
Which is your favourite?


  1. Love the last one :)

  2. Do we really have to choose a favourite!!!!

    Just too many gems in this set of pictures.

  3. I've been coveting a zoom lens for a while. :) I love the first one of K with the sucker, through the netting, and the last one signing I Love You. :) :) So sweet!!!

  4. That is most definitely four! Have you been looking at new lenses? I have an itch for one but have no clue what I would really need. Is this with a 70-300mm?

  5. All pics beautiful! Love the ones of Linda.

  6. Oh the last one! I do adore my zoom lens for exactly the same reason

  7. I agree with you Marcia. The zoom lens are the best. Great photos.

  8. Hahaha, love the first one of Kendra after those of your lovely friend Linda...daai kyk praat boekdele, as the Afrikaan saying goes. I think you might still be in for some spectacular shenanigans in a few years, Marcia. ;-)

  9. There is something about the glint in K's eyes in those two close ups of her face that SPEAKS to me. BIG TIME. Wise little soul.

    LOVE the one of your friend hosing herself :) So natural and fun!


  10. Beautiful photos Marcia, and that is the exact reason why I love my zoom lens.

  11. Gorgeous set. The ones of Kendra are my favourites. And I like the ones of Linda.


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